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9 minutes ago, RandyH said:

 two guys emigrate from Afghanistan to the US

They say, let's meet in 10 years and see who has become more American. 10 years pass and they meet. One guy says " Today I went to McDonalds. Let's see you top that." The other guy says " You're still a Towel head"

Nope - nothing offensive here? 

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22 hours ago, mungkiman said:

Is this any better, or is it still too "banned topic" adjacent? I simply find it funny but don't want the thread locked.



It's a very fine line, but that there is dang funny, and it's not political. It's the responses that get into the merits where the problem lies. response that went into the merits, or lack thereof, would be venturing into the problem area. 



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Heard a couple of drummer jokes on a youtube vid about drummers not too long ago. 


What do you call a drummer, who just broke up with his girlfriend?



What is the last thing a drummer says before he's kicked out of the band?

Hey guys, "I've got a song"



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Chan was a poor farmer in Asia.  To supplement his meager income from farming, he gathered teakwood to be sold in the village market several day’s journey from his home.


One morning, he tied up two heavy bundles of teakwood to take to market.  Chan kissed his wife and children before setting off for the market.  After walking all day, Chan found a suitable spot to spend the night.  He was glad to lay down the heavy bundles.  After a small meal he fell asleep.


In the morning Chan awoke to find the teakwood bundles missing.  Where the bundles had been, Chan saw the footprints of a child.  He followed the footprints for hours, puzzled by how a child could carry those heavy bundles.


After several hours of tracking the footprints, Chan crested a rise and saw a short distance ahead a large bear with a bundle under each arm.  To his amazement, the bear had small deformed paws resembling a child’s foot.  The mystery of the missing wood was solved.  There was a boy-foot-bear, with teak of Chan.



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