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5 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

May be an image of text that says 'If you go out drinking and call out of work the next day... I'm here to let you know YOU ARE SOFT my generation showed up for work in the same clothes we had on last night with a wristband'

I was on a search and rescue case back in the 70s ... on Lake Michigan near Green Bay. It was like 30 below with windchill. the corpsman issued us an allocation of brandy because it was so cold.  Granted, it was less than a shot; but we were able to find those that didn't want theirs and ended up having the equivalent of a few shots that day. Didn't make up for the time that the ship announced that, since we had performed so great, there was going to be "happy hour."  turns out, happy hour meant that they were opening up the soda machine and it was free sodas for an hour. So what, we all drank Mountain Dew because you could reach your hand up into the machine and pull out mountain dews. P.S. I've only had Mountain Dew once since then ... came home and one night made the tragic decision to mix Mountain Dew and whisky ... I instantly regretted that decision and blamed it on the Mountain Dew not the whisky. 

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