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Vinyl - Record Spinning

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Yessirree, and it's in great shape too! "exactly" though without plastic!

Could not hear it in quad, but it is similar to the DTM direct to metal LPs with the mid and treble "presence" accentuated !

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1 hour ago, dirtmudd said:

today's score!




there hasn't been anything posted at I'm local independent record store. For the past few weeks. Only a Gong you album I missed out on.. But the record fair is at the end of the month.


Looking for some Gong with Alan Holdsworth..

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^^^^^ I've seen that dude around here before...   😂


Got the gaggle fed today and they're out the door all happy!  Thought about a nap, turned on the Master's to watch a lil golf.  That almost worked but it was allll nice and peaceful sooo  why not?




Nice chill blend of just about everything as usual.  He can do it!  :)





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Turned 50 late March 2023 


I have 2 in the Collection 

The 1973 Aust first press



and the 2014 Remastered Reissue 


I must admit on the remasters SQ it is very very good 


Artist - Led Zeppelin 

Title - Houses Of Of The Holy 



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