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2 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

The record companies.


That's the definition of a cutout! See if it states Promotional Copy anywhere on the disc or the packaging!


No, it doesn´t... I heard that used-record-dealers in the US do that sometimes, don´t know if that is true. Think there could be idiots like that in Europe too...

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Album clips have been going on forever.  If it's not selling and stores want to return it then the distributer accepts the return and credits the full price to the stores. 


Then it's a judgement call on will it sell or won't it sell in the area by the distributor.  If they don't think so then they saw them out and sell them back to the stores cheaper.  The cut is showing then so they don't accept them back the second time. 


The seller then discounts them after they factor in the price they paid when they bought them back cheaper.  Just a crap shoot for the most part.  The distributor also may send them to other places in different areas where they are selling.


Just the way it works so the distributor doesn't get burned.  There's nothing wrong with the lp's.  :)

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