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Full Range

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8 minutes ago, MicroMara said:



4 hours ago, AndreG. said:

Here´s some swedish melodic death-metal. There´s an equal mix of sreetching, growling and clear singing. 







Maybe I overdid, maybe Scar Symmetry is not as shoking as I thought.  😁 😉 🤘


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I like Snarky Puppy 

Not long ago I posted a video of a stand in drummer Larnell Lewis playing with them - it was amazing and now one of my favourite drummers 


That looks like him playing in the above video 

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@dirtmudd  @Full Range Yea, I'd really like to thank both of you sooooo much cause I love what I'm hearing.  When I picked mine up I THINK they had one other in stock that wasn't sold out.  You know me when I likey so just STOP!  I'm outta room and sick of looking at piles.  Tomorrow begins the work of trying to get what I have in the remaining space.  Yea, thanks mucho!  😂


@MicroMara @AndreG. @MeloManiac  This is how I roll here in the US.


May be an image of beer and text that says 'Beer Garden is finished'


Carry on!  :)

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