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They're having lots of fun!

Kudos to the Au folks!


"Boot-Scooters" :lol:

Hearing that reminds me of seeing a baby scooting down the hall on waxed hardwood on his clean diaper!

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Don’t think I have presented this LP to the thread before 

Has a nice jazz Latin fusion groove to it 


The US version release has a different cover and Artist title being that of Cannonball as the main artist 


Artist - Sergio Mendes, Cannonball Adderley With The Bossa Rio Sextet Of Brazil

Title -Cannonball's Bossa Nova


Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/9435402-Cannonball-Adderley-With-The-Bossa-Rio-Sextet-Of-Brazil-Cannonballs-Bossa-Nova



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This album I am spinning now has some history behind its purchase in 1979 

Its a reissue some 4 years after its initial release 

The story is when I returned home from the record store to play it I found 2 records inside the cover 

I rang the store to notify them of the extra record - was told not to worry and keep the second record, - they assumed the factory packed 2 in one and since they didn’t have a spare cover to insert it into the said to keep it as a spare 


Its a record I have loved and played many times since, and I love the song Somber Reptiles 


Artist - Brian Eno

Title - Another Green World 


Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/2976787-Eno-Another-Green-World



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