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What I Got Today!


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3 minutes ago, Schu said:

ah.... nice.

I was wondering who would buy those, they are BEAUTIFUL


Seller was in Troy Ohio listed on FB Marketplace for $3,750.00 accepted my offer of $3,500.00 only a 2 hour and change drive from Louisville Metro.  He stole a pair of Cornwall III for $1,500.00 so I did not feel so bad on nudging him down.  Wife would only let him keep one or the other.  

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10 minutes ago, Schu said:

exciting... enjoy. post pictures when you get them home


They are home and safe, but I do not have the spare space to hook up until I sell my forte II's.  I will post pic's as soon as I sell the II's.  Which will be after the buyer has auditioned and backing out of the drive.  LOL. 

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6 hours ago, John Chi-town said:


What type of deer do you have in Hong Kong, or do you hunt somewhere else?


Mr. Lees Greater Hong Kong is a corporate nation which operates numerous franchulates/burbclaves throughout the world, typically inhabited by those working in the computer/electronic industry.

Not to be confused with actual Hong Kong.



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1 hour ago, Marvel said:

I've got one if you need one... I already sold the Winchester Model 90, though.



The Wards Western Field .22 would probably be a better rifle to get the kids started than the Marlin 336.


And a much more substantial rifle than the Eatonia “rifle for boys” that is back at Sandy and Brenda’s place in Florida.

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26 minutes ago, Marvel said:

A single shot is a great starter. It can use shorts, too, which are in good supply and pretty inexpensive.

Single shot’s are wonderful for teaching correct trigger pull and taking time to aim etc.


Although, I have started putting together a semi-auto.




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