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What I Got Today!


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I had a DC-1 nice unit well worth the money


I'm quite pleased with it. I'm not after some magical experience - just a good quality listening experience, regardless of the genre. I think I'm very quickly approaching the point of diminishing returns in my system. planning to purchase the mini-x a-100 for a little extra power and aesthetic continuity with the dac and my jupiter cap crossovers. after those two pieces are in place I think I'm set for a good while.

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MGB GT...with the only wheels that an MG should have.

Keep your knock offs tight!


Call me crazy but the exhaust note of a MG or Austin Healey is one of my favorite sounds! 


You're not crazy, a well set-up MGB has a nice exhaust note to it.

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Going for an MG V8 conversion, as per the factory V8, except 3.9 litre...Unfortunately will have to sacrifice the wire wheels.... :(

whoa!  You'd sheer those splines right off!   That is going to be one scary fast MGB.

Wait a minute!  A MGB that doesn't leak oil!!???  That ain't right!

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