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I want new speakers

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6 hours ago, Emile said:

Ok; one more suggestion on speakers.  Start looking at some pro speakers like the KPT-904's with the K-510 horns.  Unfortunately they are "ugly."  A better solution might be @MenloBob's  KLF-510's ... K-510 horns with dual 15" woofers ... they would fit the space perfectly (rough size guess is 16Wx46Hx12D) :D and give you better sound than LS's or Khorns.



For the "build" threat, see 




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On 6/13/2019 at 4:14 PM, WillyBob said:

we have some addition planned for the house

maybe a subwoofer room should be included?


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On 6/14/2019 at 9:44 AM, Emile said:

and give you better sound than LS's or Khorns.

If you prefer the sound of a direct radiator over a folded horn.

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The LSs are really really nice (so are the 904s). Big sound with no effort its very similar. I have them in different rooms so like I said before comparing them from whats better is imposable. With how similar they are, and that room matters to much to ever ignore. With that said this is my first bass horn home speaker. In this room the sound of bass of the ls is more impressive than the 904s (not using a sub). A lot more sound wise imo (bigger, and of course a lot cleaner). They both run out of gas around 50hz. The 904s have no reason to be used lower being they are meant to be behind a screen and always with subs anyways. But the room could be a big part of this.


After I was selling things, getting ready to sell my home, and had all my subs sold. I moved 2 904s upstairs and ran them with no sub for many hours. Again different rooms (with 100% same gear I'm using now), but I did get a ton of time running them with no sub. 


The ls are more expensive and your paying for more than just performance. Brand new klipsch pro has no equal I've ever seen. But used heritage is hilariously good. Almost syfy like imo. 

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