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I suggest that we start a list of what people will be bringing to the event.  There is no requirement to bring anything but yourself, this is so everyone has a realistic expectation of gear that will be there, so don't feel obligated, just sing up to come.


I will start and Carl will put together a list that will be included with the participants. 


I'm planning on the following:


Mini Punch (dual 12 BB's)

Faital Pro HF200's and Goldwood 450 horns

Fastrac horns with PD5 drivers

LMahl V2 tweeters with B&C DE10 drivers

Beyma CP25 Tweeters

USB Measurement mic

Mic Stand

Laptop with REW


Various cables, extension cords, power strips

Amps as needed (if we have that covered, great, if not, I have 4 QSC DCA 1622's and a stack of Carver M200's)

Couple bottles of bourbon



Sansui 8080 DB

Rotel Pre/Pro

Various A/V receivers

Single 15 (Cornscala rear ported BB)






Mixing board

Behringer DEQ and DCX 2496 (if needed)


I would really like to bring as little as possible, so if anyone that is closer will be or could bring any of the things on my planned list, I will modify.


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I will be bringing my S-MWM setup which is the speakers of course, a Xilica xp3060, two Crown xli800 amps, REW,TrueRTA on a laptop with a UMIke.  I have racks of gear and parts I don't need and was going to put up for sale I might bring but looking at this attendee  list I doubt we would do more than swap stuff we don't want to each other for different things we don't want.



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Just now, rockhound said:

I'll bring some HIP’S, Chorus 1’s, Heresy 1’s, loudspeakers. I have a pair of KP-480 subs and a single 684 sub that I can bring. I also have a pair of 942/4 but will only bring that if enough want to hear it.

You know this group.  We want to hear everything we can, so my vote is you bring them.

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I might have space to bring an amp, maybe the ATI 1502. If someone is passing through central KY and has the means to haul them to and from, I have a pair of KPT-684 that can be use to help piss off the neighborhood. 


It is common knowledge that this is a one time deal at this location, right? 

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