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RIP John Andretti


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RIP John, he died Thursday at the age of 56, from colon cancer. He was one of my favorite racers ever, and was the nicest Andretti. 

We grew up in the same town, same age, competing high schools. He was an exceptional racer, won races in different types of cars that nobody has ever accomplished, probably never will (IndyCar, Nascar, Rolex 24 at Daytona, Top Fuel dragster, sports car)


He raised millions of dollars for local Riley Children's Hospital, with a charity go kart race. Dozens of top racers would show up....Tony Stewart, Ricky Rudd, 10-12 IndyCar racers,  Dario Franchitti, Mark Dismore (owns the track) Vitor Meira (track lap record holder) Sarah Fisher,  Josef Newgarden (won this race when he was 16) Scott Dixon and Dan Weldon (in their matching Target race suits) local celebrities. I raced in one of these events, even alongside John, but not for long, he passed me and was gone!


He was just a good guy, always approachable, never rude, always smiling. A Riley spokesperson said today that John would just show up all the time, just to talk to the kids and their families. He didn't care if there weren't cameras around, that wasn't why he was there.


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3 hours ago, Ceptorman said:

“. . . was the nicest Andretti.”


My father would say, “ . . . damning with faint praise.”


Too young to go.  Let’s hope his message of early detection is heeded.  Condolences to his family and friends.

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I can officially say John is the nicest man I have ever met.


My favorite time was hanging with him in the garage area of IMS when he drove for AJ Foyt.


Everything said here about him is 100% true, he was a true gentlemen and will be missed by many.


He fought the battle with cancer and still always had a smile and became a true advocate of colon cancer screening awareness.


RIP John.

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So many people afraid to get screened, it's a shame. Early detection can make the difference between life and death. I was detected at an early age (54) with prostate cancer. Doctor said if I had waited another year, I would have been dead. I've had 2 colonoscopies already, and I am shocked by how many people refuse to get one. Put your fears aside and get checked. It's not a big deal, especially considering the alternative. Sorry for the rant. RIP, John.

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Was going through some old photos and found these from his Top Fuel Debut at the Southern Nats . 




The tall guy is the car owner baseball player Jack Clark .




NHRA Winston Drag Racing

In 1993, Andretti drove the Taco Bell Express Top Fuel Dragster for owner Jack Clark. He reached the semi-finals in his first national event at Atlanta during the FRAM Southern Nationals, clocking a career-best speed of 299 mph (481 km/h). In that race he beat 1992 T/F Champion Joe Amato in Round 1 and Mopar Express Lube driver Tommy Johnson Jr. in Round 2, but lost to Mike Dunn in Darrell Gwynn's La Victoria Salsa Car in the semi-finals. That race was won by Eddie Hill.

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