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Am I Crazy for Considering Moving to Los Angeles


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On 8/10/2020 at 9:59 PM, dtel said:


Beautiful yes,  great weather yes in many parts, but normal is a big stretch.

if I was to say , which of all Airports in the USA has the most crime , it would be LA   ,  take luggage ,  leave it unattended for a few  seconds ,it's gone   in less than 10  seconds  , I did the test once ,    a laptop bag and a camera case ,    I   simulated moving away , there were at least 5 persons ready to move in -----in 1-2-3    seconds ,  it would be like a magical trick  ------gone -   you would't even know which way to look

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I talked to the LA business owner again last night, he calls about once a week or so. Their normal procedure is for their sales people to spend 3 days in the field, then 2 days in the office preparing proposals. He's changing the system slightly for me, on my request. He's currently training 2 new employees just to be my assistants. I will spend 5 days a week in the field meeting clients, and these new employees will do the proposals and all the leg work. He wants me in front of the people, which I like. 


I really admire him for going all out to help us all succeed. It might add a little more pressure on me, but I know I will have a very good group of people behind me. I am pretty excited about this new challenge. 

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4 hours ago, BigStewMan said:

hope this is a home run for you.

Thanks Steve, I hope so also, I do like a challenge, and I believe this is. If it's not for me that's ok, I have a pretty good gig here, a constant flow of referrals for work. BUTOH.....there aren't any opportunities like that here, or in Texas (where my wife is from and wants to move to) If I'm going to work for someone else, it will have to be a perfect fit, and pay well.

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27 minutes ago, Shiva said:

The hottest its been in my town of San Clemente,  in memory.  95 degrees. Supposed to peak at 97.  

Just had an earthquake,  as well.  A single house shake, as if a sonic boom hit, then finished.   

we live right next door to San Clemente in San Juan Capistrano - just went body surfing at T Street and the water was about 64 degrees - very cold but refreshing - we ride our Bikes to San Clemente almost every other day down to Pier Bowl, T Street and sometimes all the way to Trestles.


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30 minutes ago, RandyH000 said:

San Juan Capistrano is a city in Orange County, California,

Right.  But look at the location in the avatar.  It doesn't say San Juan Capistrano, it says orange county.  So, in a post the municipality is OK, but overall, the poster provides the standard socal "orange county."  It is cnutish, sorry.


Why not just say San Juan Capistrano?  It is so much cooler than "orange county."  

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1 hour ago, oldtimer said:



Is cnut or cnutish a word?  Have I missed something?  I assume it refers to the Warrior King ...  are you using it this way because he -- or someone -- referred to the whole area as the North Sea Empire instead of using the names of the countries conquered?  Or am I way off-base?


I agree, Orange County is less cool name.  It it seems rather divided, being the home of Disneyland, some very wealthy residents fictionalized in The O.C., as well as poverty areas, trashy motels, and the smell of gasoline.  Saying San Juan Capistrano evokes images of swallows.





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3 hours ago, oldtimer said:

Do they not have municipalities?  It's all just everyone in a county?  ffs.

Actually we have a number of cities adjacent to each other here in Orange County. Directly next door to our house is the City of Dana Point with Doheny State Beach and the Dana Point Marina - a block the opposite direction is Laguna Niguel so for those people that live here we often just call it the oc. Many people might think I live inland in San Juan Capistrano but I am much closer to San Clemente ----- but - I dont live in San Clemente.


Shiva just says he lives in Southern California lol

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