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6 hours ago, MicroMara said:


Best football song ever when your team had it in the bag and ready to leave the field!

Lots of folks have had issues shouldn't have got rid of this from the football stands. 


Sure lots of you can remember times hearing this or na na naa na........ hey hey hey goodbye when 70,000 + were singing it inside the bowl?

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9 hours ago, BigStewMan said:

 How are you doing these days George?  Very well I hope ...

....you still owe me a pint of Bitbuger! ..... Let's toast together, I'll pay for three rounds ..PROST ! Let it taste good Steve .  


Bitburger Pils | Pils | Bier | Getränke | GBZ die Getränke-Blitzzusteller  Ihr Getränkelieferservice für Getränke in München und Augsburg. Getränke  einfach bequem online bestellen.

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12 hours ago, JohnJ said:

The textures of the sound in that KDA Villian @sunburnwilly ?

Wow, it sounds / feels great here set to 4K with my little Douk 100 watter going to the Polks!

Atmosphere for days . I use it as the warmup in a new stationary bike/treadmill play list . The brooding nature of the song sets my mind up for getting after it when the up tempo stuff hits . I use another new K/DA song More as my cool down on that playlist . 



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That sounds nice George, but following a tradition of our family when cooking stuff for the holiday feast. That is Christmas carols and youtube follows that search loosely I mean like.......

So I clarified a little and got some memories with this wonderful singer who conveys his reverence for the subject.




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