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Just found out I lost a good friend due to cancer a while ago.  I'd heard she was denying anymore chemo and didn't want to suffer thru it.  She sucked it up.  Even though she was a year older we shared the same birthday and always wished each other a Happy Birthday.  Losing someone you played with as a kid is tough and the entire group we hung with are all pretty much in shock.  She was much worse than any of us thought.  So here's to Pammy and the rest of the crew.  Yup, we all stood in the receiving line after the Beatles show and touched whatever we could as they ran by.  So many laffs and good times over the years.



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2 minutes ago, Full Range said:

@MicroMara Re Genesis vid above

That was pre - Phil Collins and Steve Hackett 



Yeah that´s right , as you can see on the rear cover : Disc 1 Track 1 > 4  1967 , 5 >19  1968 , Disc II Track 1 > 11 1969 , Track 12 > 18  1970

Gabriel, Rutherford, Banks, Philips, Steward , Silver & Mayhew

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Was going to put on some digital and share but darn @MicroMara I can not do another thing until your Eric Burdon & War finishes.... except sip on my early 7pm single barrel.


** Folks in that club in Denmark got their moneys worth that night!! Fine jam session five posts up!🤘

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