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So, I'm sitting here sipping on a glass of Colonel E. H. Taylor bourbon ... a gift from forum friend @jimjimbo-- thank you Jim. this never would have happened if not for this forum.

Sometimes this place seems like it's in turmoil; but let's take the advice from that Styx song ... "We'll take the best, forget the rest."  Life is too short to spend in conflict. 

I like to live by that verse in the Bible that says "as much as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone."  Being cool to others is something in my control. 

So, here's to being cool to people. 




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Yes Steve, I agree about being nice, or even a decent person. It's so easy. I was at Home Depot a few weeks ago. An older lady was carting a window across the parking lot to her car. I watched 3 people walk right pass her, and nobody offered to help this 80 year old lady load a 60 lb window! I ran over, loaded it in her back seat, no big deal. She reached into her purse and pulled out a couple dollars and tried to give it to me. I said there's no need for that. She said "I can't believe you helped me". I said I can't believe those 3 people didn't offer to help. She then said "I'm sure you're parents are proud of you". I said I hope so, and told her if I didn't have 10 seconds to help another person then I know they would be disappointed in me. 


Since we are on this subject. I do have an observation....I'm getting tired of all the publicity, congratulations, and hero worship status some people are putting onto others. A video yesterday on FB did it for me. A delivery man untangled an American flag on someone's porch, took 3 seconds. The FB post made it sound like this guy saved a kid from a burning house! They went on about how the world would be a better place if everyone was like this guy. It's a shame we feel like we need to go overboard with these little gestures that require us to put someone on hero status. 

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Bourbon is a nice gift and receiving it from a friend, well even better. I tell you something that is nice: when I flip on the 845 output tubes on my tube amplifiers they make a echoing sound that sounds just like the sound you heard from the sonar on the submarine on the old tv show Seahunt. I know a vacuum tube is not a person but it is still nice. 😉

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8 hours ago, Ceptorman said:

It's a shame we feel like we need to go overboard with these little gestures that require us to put someone on hero status. 

I know what you mean ... I returned to a store once to tell them that they undercharged me for a product. they looked at me like I was from Mars. Returned to Del Taco once because they put extra stuff in the bag that I didn't order and didn't charge me for. the manager told me to just keep everything with no extra charge. my conscience is worth more than a few bucks. 

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I was not charged for some groceries and a couple days later I went back to the store and said I owe you for some stuff that you forgot to charge me for. The lady had to go to the manager to find out what to do after she gave me a look of amazement.


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1 minute ago, BigStewMan said:

Carl, you know me ... I love to be disappointed. Now, I could do a comparison, in the name of science of course, I promise not to enjoy the Weller.

I still have a bunch of sample bottles.   I'll find something good to send you.

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