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I really hate selling these as I planned to hand them down to one of my kids, but unfortunately I don't have storage space. So up for sale they go. If memory serves, they should 81s with B1 networks. Networks have had cap replacements with Dayton 1%, if I locate the Sonicaps I will throw those in as well. Woofers were replaced with Eminence kappa 15c, not sure why and wish I hadn't but it is what it is. I'd say that do to some scratches, grill wear, and the mods, I'd rate them 7 out of 10. Asking $1000.00 O.B.O. for the pair, cash, local pickup in Omaha, Ne, 69157.
Feel free to ask any questions.af081d4ac711742ee4fbe7912d329482.jpgb53609b314a88dfd5271b0c5a4882835.jpg5d81e2498923ff98f5511ad9ada4dc5e.jpg33f42e5d5721ea78802d52288244bb99.jpg95a5be9ed633df32717db70fe47dd8b1.jpg15051ac179e279a3aa4a47ef8bf2ff41.jpg4554504edb0b850b196e1d858014bad6.jpg
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1 hour ago, ClaudeJ1 said:

I only have 1 question. Why are you selling them for HALF of what they are currently worth?

That is a great deal.  Sometimes it's easier to sell something you love quickly at a price you know you don't have to negotiate from.  "Come and get 'em" deal...

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