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Cornwall IV review from "Enjoy the Music"


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Perhaps we should step back for a minute. 


Originally, I posted this review so folks could enjoy and consider what was said about one of the new Klipsch offerings.


Then what happened ....... folks have taken this thread as an opportunity to bicker and argue. 


Is this what the internet has done to us .... simply given us another mechanism where we can argue and be negative toward on another? 


What are you guys truly interested in? It's rhetorical question so please don't bother to respond.


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On 1/11/2022 at 10:03 AM, ODS123 said:

That said, his claim that it needs 400 hours of break-in is so beyond ridiculous that IMHO it totally disqualifies him as a reviewer.  400 hours!!!????

It's the Reviewer that needed the break in, not the speaker.

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On 1/12/2022 at 1:26 PM, Curious_George said:

Looks like Bob Crites was ahead of the curve... His Cornscala concept looks just like the Cornwall IV. Bob must have inspired the Klipsch design team.


As a side note, equipment reviews have always amused me. They always seem to use the most esoteric items that most people have never heard of. Maybe it is just me, but 90% of the time the associated equipment list is bizarre and never consistent. It is constantly changing. 



I built the world's first "Cornscala" in 1975 as a Center Channel for my Big Altecs. The name came later from the Klipsch/Crites crowd. I put the picture up severalt times on this forum. I'm too lazy to do it again.


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On 1/13/2022 at 9:13 PM, 001 said:


Who ever gave you that idea ?    you'd better look at the CF-4 ,  the Forte II-Chorus II -KP-301-II -KP 2002 -KSM 15  , etc .


Larger Horns on klipsch speakers First appeared  at Klipsch USA with Mr Roy Delgado Jr  in the 80's  when He  co-worked with PWK .


Klipschorn Jubilee by Roy Delgado and PWK — Retro Vintage Modern Hi-Fi




the photo of PWK and Roy was taken in January 1999 at Caesar's Palace. I was there briefly, at the tail end of the CES show because I was attending a Digital Photography Seminar down the hall. PWK knew me from my spending time with him 14 years prior, but I missed seeing him by about 10 minutes. Roy gave me a "who is this guy" look when I asked if Paul was there. Bummer that I missed him because he passed on about 3 years later. I'm glad he taught Roy so much before that happened!

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