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La Scalas - Restored and Fully Veneered

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It was BRUTALLY difficult to veneer the interior sections of the La Scalas without taking them apart. Fully 90% of my time was devoted to dealing with the interior of these guys. I thought it would take about 20 hours to do in total. I estimate that it took about 200 hours all in. If you want to do this, you need to take them apart -- at least the sides. I was too intimidated to attempt it, but in retrospect, it's definitely the way to go. In fact the way to go, if I'm being perfectly honest is to get a side gig, earn $18,000, set aside $5,000 to pay income taxes and then buy new La Scalas. Luckily I like the look of the old ones more than the new ones, but jeez, what a project. I can't say I didn't enjoy it, because I really did. But it was a commitment.

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Call me a wimp but there's no way I'd want to take the sides off.  I'd presume they were built to last (mine are circa 1979 and still going strong enough I'd easily stand on them)


With my skillset, if I knocked the sides off, I'd do some other damage as the glue comes apart or maybe a finish nail in there somewhere....


As has been said, you did a fantastic job!!



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Taking them apart and putting them back together would be a challenge. Klipsch used countersunk ring nails on the early LS. I know Dennis (djk) made about a dozen pair of the LS bass horns, but be had a whole bunch of jigs set up to cut the parts. He used a roundover bit and painted them black for P.A. use


Those look fabulous!

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On 5/12/2023 at 6:33 PM, OO1 said:

 2 klipsch badges , and you're all done .

Oh, I like it more without! It keeps it more mysterious. This is the speaker David Lynch would use in his films! It's kind of like: what the heck are those things?? And we know exactly what they are. 😉

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Great job on those, for sure! They look awesome. It’s definitely a labor of love, isn’t it?

Love the figured cherry. I almost went with the figured cherry I have on hand to veneer the Belles I’m currently making, but opted for the highly figured Bose Spanish cedar I had scored on an eBay auction 5 or 6 years ago.  Veneering the panels flat on a bench is pretty straightforward. Veneering angles inside of a box with contact cement, mind you not so much!

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