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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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I was busy during my 1 week vacation at home last week. I built some oak cabinets for the theater room.

Here, we have our bookcase / slot machine stand (we used to live in Nevada) / DVD storage cabinet array along the utility-room wall:


Next, we have our Hot Pepper Sauce collection display case adjacent the wet-bar area and bath (left). The case contains 60 of our most interesting sauces in our collection including the 10 hottest sauces in the world (currently). We have another 30 unique bottles of less interest and another 15 which are duplicates. In addition to that, there are at least 20 different sauces open and stored in the fridge ready for use at any given time. In all; that's about 125 bottles of hot sauce!


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Michael: Thanks, man! Yes, I have been busy. The room has changed quite a bit since your visit. I built a cabinet to house all of those vinyl LPs I have stacked beneath the screen. It also will support the center channel speaker (RC-7). I should have it upholstered and installed by this weekend. I'll be sure to post the photo. -Glenn


On 7/25/2004 10:09:55 PM garymd wrote:

I've noticed that almost all reference HT owners have their grills off in the pics. Do you guys keep it that way all the time or just when taking pictures? Do they sound better with the grills off or just look cool (which they do)? I used to take off the grills on my corwalls years ago because I thought it sounded better. I haven't done that in at least 20 years though. Just curious.


Gary: I always leave the grills on. It has nothing to do with the sound. I find the gold-colored cones distractive while watching movies. With the grills on, the RS-7's simply blend into the background, visually. The wall behind our screen and speakers is flat black. I have cherry-finished RS-7's and RC-7. With them angled-in to the center, one sees only the black grills from the viewing positions. This works out very well for us. The grills also discourage our little grandson, Andrew from touching the drivers with his little fingers.

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I just have to ask, about the hot sauce that is, Do you carry any Daves Insanity Sauce? It is the hottest sauce in the world(acording to the Food Network) I use 3 drops to make a pot of wing sauce , adnd most of my guests still cant eat em.hot stuff man!

I do keep my grills off full time. Just looks better, has no impact on sound in my room. If you look at all the REF, advertising, every picture will be grilless.

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Skid: Do I have any Dave's Insanity? OH YEAH!!! I have 6 different types of Dave's. My collection would not be complete without the first resin-based sauce that started the whole trend toward extreme heat a few years back. Heck, I was so impressed with the stuff when Dave's first came out in the 1990's, my wife and I stopped by Dave's apartment house, which used to be listed on the bottles, in San Francisco while we were on a trip out west. I like to use ONE drop of Dave's in a small bowl of Chili (be sure to stir it very well!). My son uses TWO or THREE drops. But then, he's crazy! LOL

Just to set the record straight, Dave's used to be the hottest sauce in the world in about 1996. Since then, although still extremely hot, it pales in comparison to some others. If you are familiar with the Scoville Scale, which measures the effective heat these sauces produce on the human tongue, here are some sauce ratings for comparison: (figures are approximate and may vary according to reporting source)

Tabasco Sauce (baby food): 3,750 Scoville Units

Jalapeno pepper: 5,000

Cayenne pepper: 50,000

Habanero pepper: 300,000

Dave's Insanity: 350,000

Dave's Private Reserve: 450,000

Pure Cap: 600,000

Habanero 750: 750,000

Blair's 3 AM Private Reserve: 6 Million! - One teaspoonful in a gallon of chili will make it unbearible for just about anyone! It's $50 for a 2 Oz bottle.

Blair's 6 AM: 10.3 to 16 Million Scoville Units! - Now, THAT'S Insanity!!!

I currently have the following Dave's Sauces: Insanity, Private Reserve 1999, Total Insanity, Ginger Peach, Hurtin' Jalapeno and Crazy Caribbean Sauce.

peppers.com is an excellent resource for sauces.

Sorry for hi-jacking this thread guys! 15.gif


...and now, back to Home Theaters! 9.gif


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Okay, my friends! I have finished building all of my cabinets for my theater and I am now just a few days from completeing this 2 year project. I decided to "steal" my wife's digital camera and snap some shots of the place for you. Some of these are composites to help you understand the lay of the entire room. I hope you all enjoy looking at our Small House Theater! If these are too dark, I also shot photos using a flash.

view one.jpg

view two.jpg

view three.jpgpost-10177-13819255543932_thumb.jpg

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picky! I'm jealous!9.gif

Now thats a room. You see, your room resembles a useable room, a room I see myself as using all the time with friends.. you have the bar.. the chilling out listen to music couch.. etc. I see other HT rooms, which probably sound awesome, but are not as flexible.. theyre not as inviting, some rooms just are too strictly movie watching, and not hangin out kinda rooms.

I guess my point is: good job!3.gif

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troostj: Thank you very much for your kind words. Multi-purpose is exactly what we were going for in the room . You see, we live in a very small house (>900 sq. ft.) so we must maximize the use of every inch of space we have available. We are finding that we use the room more-and-more as more of our friends discover it when they come over. They all just love the place, and we love sharing it with them. Thanks again for your thoughtful comments.
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