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3 minutes to Miller Time


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Thoughts and prayers for your son in law for a quick and full recovery.



I got to enjoy a colonoscopy this morning! The best part was having the nurse stroke my bald head...[Y]

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I'm putting away some Costco items, and I've got this 2 pack of 2-liter
bottles of light olive oil. I'm trying to remove the plastic thingy
that joins them together. Well, I guess I pulled too hard from the
wrong side, and I pulled the whole top off one of the bottles, spilling
about 1-2 cups all over the place (cabinet in & out, floor, etc.).
So now I'm trying to clean it all up with Krud Kutter (my trusty
friend), floor mop, sponges and paper towels. I'm HELPING!!!

It MUST be "beer thirty..."

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Ben, have you tried Vernor's ginger ale? I find it to be purdy good.

Had an MRI at 6:30 this morning (lumbar spine). Easy, of course, other than having to hold my arms above my head (doubtful they would have fit at my side in the tight tube). Celebrating with a pale ale.

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Had an MRI at 6:30 this morning (lumbar spine).

here's to hoping for good test results. I'm a veteran of many MRIs (two herniated discs in neck and two more in back). I find them uncomfortable because i have trouble breathing after lying on my back for awhile, so after 5-10 minutes, i'm having to start praying that time will pass quicker. That is some tight quarters though, last time i went for one, they were running late because the person before kept freaking out inside the tube. Steve
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Ben, have you tried Vernor's ginger ale? I find it to be purdy good.

Yes I have. Had it over 30 years ago it is purdy good.

But compared to the Blenheim it's like cheap store brand.

Really. Back in high school in the late 70's (gradyouaided 1980) it was kind of hard to find in northern Indiana but we'd hunt it down. And try to chug it... .

When Blenheim says HOT. Believe it. The pink cap original number 3 is HOT. If you like ginger. But even though ginger is good for one's stomach, don't drink the Blenheim fast, even if you can. And the gold cap number 5 isn't mild it Not as HOT. Still packs a good kick but well, not as hot. Alea loves the gold cap Not As Hot (I like it but not as well as she - it's more of a sippin' ginger ale) but the pink cap is too hot for her. Her best friend who is 1/2 Mexican came to visit from Texas this summer (Alea went to visit her last summer. Amarillo I thought it can't be too far from Hope as Alyssa's Dad works for Tyson and has been to Hope thinking logistically Alea wants to visit Hope, Dawn and Alea could continue onto Amarillo and Dawn pick me up at Pilgrimage end. But Alea couldn't drive then and its a pretty looooong haul to Amarillo. At least 8 maybe 10 hours or more.

Darn near impossilble to find when we first moved to Dallas area late 80's but distrubution picked up while we were in Texas at least and in all the stores within a couple of years. In abundant supply in Detroit area as that 's where it originated. Father in law who spent childhood in a Detroit suburb loved his Kowalski Kiezka (sp?) [+o(] and Vernors with dark pumpernickle from Ouza bakery in Hamtramck. Liked the Kowalski polish sausage so well they had quite a bit of the smoked and fresh, along with some Kiezka shipped in for our wedding from Detroit. Good stuff. Except the Kiezka. Lutfisk seems pretty good by comparison. My wife was lucky. Nobody coerced her to try the lutfisk. I think it's scandinavian for rotting fish found on beach ahd has gotten pretty hard to find as it'd come dry packed in salt maybe and you'd have to soak it in lye to soften it up and then soak out the lye and I don't know what all to end up with nasty fish mush of some kind.

Hope your MRI finds something to fix to get you back up to snuff. Those darn tubes are kind of small and sounds like they're jack hammering all aournd. I've had at least a couple on my neck. 2 or 3 herniated discs fusing themselves together. Ankylosing Spondylitis - I'd never heard of it until my Physical Therapist told me maybe I should ask to see a rhematologist as couldn't move my neck without whole body turning.

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Dusting off the stools and keeping things open. After a road trip to the University of Minnesota where Alea is thinking of studying audiology for our local school's fall break. Several store brand ginger ales today. Not even Vernors. Much less Blenheim.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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