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3 minutes to Miller Time


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OK OK OK.......sorry I'm late.......

I'm still working at the shop and I just got cought up on the posts....

So now........MORE KLIPSCH PLEASE is in da house......

Now I don't drink.....

But for Boxx I am pumping a few more watts into my KP362's while I am finnishing up the work.

So here's to you Boxx......Pink Floyd.....Shine on you crazy diamond.......

We might be hitting "Headroom Exhausted" on the Carver...... lol lol

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I guess we should caution anyone past the three drink mark not to try and operate a manual turn table.  Darn little stylus is so sensitive......

Got that right, I just knocked off the pennies I had stacked on the tone arm

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Good evening friends....... About to pour a coupe glasses of Ménage a Trois RED vino for dinner and hold them up high in honor of our dear friend Boxx ((0; for which this night is dedicated over in RTM ...


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Thanks so much for that Tarheal, yes, we were.. Have to keep that FF&M going in Boxx's honor mad I am honored to be part of another forum he started (0: We got some cook in' to do, yes ??

Back to having a little dinner ... and this fine wine... I got another bottle I am going to open for the RTM event.... ;0))

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