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  2. No beach boys. Prog rock is limited to bands like Alan Parsons, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, one Crimson LP. I will work on some classical and opera next. All the best.
  3. What did the farmer say when he couldn’t find his tractor? “Where’s my tractor?" That joke was funny and not just because you may have painted it unbeknownst to him -- it’s just funny.
  4. i was going to say my ex-wife; but, she wasn’t cheap.
  5. still sore that you’re not a moderator, huh? Go Raiders.
  6. thank you sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
  7. That’s @CECAA850 favorite drink. Don’t tell him though ... he thinks he’s drinking Bourbon.
  8. @BigStewMan nice to see you back man!
  9. (I've got a Dixielander with mouse eaten 8 - it won't take a 10 plus the back chamber is vented) it takes good skill to do a Classic's throat (my hands are numb and couldn't do it when young) FWIW - a comparison between 0.83 scale Classic with Delta 12 Pro 450A and La Scala with K33E spec
  10. and i hope you and the Mrs. are good as well.
  11. So sorry! Im not that well versed in older Klipsch products. Chorus have been added to the poll as well as Monolith under Subwoofers. Yes, I realized later on that some people actually have more than one system in their home...
  12. well, i’m free ... does that count?
  13. once upon a time, the course in Grand Haven, Michigan was in Golf Digest’s Top 50 Public Courses in America. When i was stationed there, during my Coast Guard days, they’d let the Coast Guard, Police, and Fire Dept golf free. If you wanted a tee time, you had to pay; but, we’d show up after work and they’d always pair us up with a single or pair that was about to tee off. Thousands of dollars of free golf during that tour.
  14. Very sorry for that! I've just added the option to the poll should you wan't to submit a new answer.
  15. why can’t you live on the west coast? have always wanted Belles.
  16. Hi Im sorry no one have answered your questions here yet. I personally don't really have any constructive answers for you. I don't really have any experience with dipoles, but can verify that monopoles throughout a system works quite well. However if dipoles is better than monopoles as surrounds, I wouldn't know. Don't really know if there is any advantage with a center that has 4 woofers as opposed to the 2 woofer kinds... I myself have only owned the 4 woofer kinds and if i'm not mistaken, I think I read somewhere that Klipsch's 4-woofer-centers are designed in a fashion that lets the two inner most woofers handle certain frequencies and the two outermost woofers doing the rest. Here are some people on this forum that have been very nice and helpful for me in the past. Hopefully they see this and can help you more along the way than me. @wuzzzer @avguytx @billybob @willland @wvu80
  17. That or build something similar to a Frazier Dixielander. Pretty easy build and shallow enough. Built a set when I was a kid that I ported. Good 12" woofer and you are set. About 20" deep would do it.
  18. was watching this show called LIVE PD and they flashed an interesting fact on the screen. Think I’ll need to consult Neil @DizRotus or Travis @dwilawyer or @Jeff Matthewsbefore i enter Florida again. I generally don’t carry Cocaine on me; but, when i do it’s never more than 27 grams. Who would’ve thunk by leaving it a home, i was breaking the law? 😀 Those old retired folks in Florida must really know how to party.
  19. thought i had to go grocery shopping, so checked the fridge ... nope, i have the essentials.
  20. Today
  21. thanks ... at the store, i thought the Godin sounded and felt nice. Nice Gibson. I have the Epiphone version of the ES-175 and it’s hands down the best bang for my buck that i’ve ever bought. Had it for years and i think i paid $399 brand new. I have a few left that i really just want ... replace the Tele that i got rid of; a 12 string Taylor or Guild; Rickenbacker, and a Duesenberg. Of all those on my list ... the Duesenberg is the most costly.
  22. Steve, my last electric was a Godin LP90 and had the best intonation and feel. I bought it used for $350. Was a great guitar but I just didn't need it. One of my favorites was a Gibson ES-140 like the one shown below (it's not mine). Only paid $100 for it including the brown case with pink lining. The body is about the size of an LP but a hollowbody. About a 3/4 scale neck. I would love one of the new Taylor Grand Pacific 717 or 517 round shoulder models.
  23. BigStewMan

    What I Got Today!

    when i was a boy, my grandma would sit me on her knee and say, “BigStewMan, losing your shirt in towns you don’t remember ever being in is nothing to be ashamed of."
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