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  2. Mr. Medwin, Your suggestions are appreciated. I am by no means an expert at this kind of thing but my soldering skills are ok. These 2 amps are in very good condition so your recommendation is understood. My CD player does not have a volume control. I was planning on procuring a tube preamp with no tone controls so I would ultimately get stereo sound instead of mono and use the amps tone controls. i may reach out to you in the future regarding this project. I assume Mr. Percy is a member of this forum? Thanks.
  3. The American College of Cardiology (ACC )has detailed information for its members, and available to the public, including their evidence based protocols and algorithms which I have posted since March. Since you have the background to understand it at a deeper level than most of us I would be interested in seeing what your thoughts were. Travis
  4. wait ... what! Are you saying that fortune cookies are a lie?
  5. Ya, their dog doesn’t bite so it doesn’t have to be on a leash... Entitled is another word for selfish.
  6. i didn’t take any offense, sorry if i gave that impression. Just something that we california natives chuckle at when someone says Cali -- we’re like “they ain’t from here." Too many letters is accurate, it takes too long to write The Republic of California.
  7. it's what i’ve been saying for years and even said here on this forum to which many argue against me ... it’s selfishness. People aren’t stupid; but they're selfish beyond measure. We have a character problem from top to bottom in this country (and world for that matter). But, few will admit it applies to them because after all, "my dog doesn’t bite."
  8. Well I suppose it's a virus that causes that so it's marginally on-topic..:)
  9. No offense intended with Cali as a reference. A combination of being a poor speller and lazy - too many letters
  10. I have a hard time believing pretty much anything they say.
  11. geoff.

    Covid19 redux

    Oh the vaccine will be real. But you will be hungry for more in two hours. Either that or it will stop working the minute you get home...
  12. The looting is happening in my city right now. About a mile away.
  13. Still seems a stretch to thinks he endorses killing inocents. I'll agree that in my opinion he could choose better words at times.
  14. Do these retards not know that when the cities they raze get rebuilt, there will be no place for those at the very bottom of the heap to live? Self-imposed gentrification. When did the people that resort to violence become so stupid?
  15. It does get a bit humid here in the summer.
  16. Decades ago, i was driving through Minnesota one August. Noticed smoke coming out of my a/c vents. alarmed till i realized it was due to the high humidity and the a/c on high.
  17. Riots used to be an annual thing when I lived in Huntington Beach -- they were usually on the fourth of july. In recent years, ANTIFA decided to start showing up there.
  18. 40” is very close but I admit I have listened to my portable La Scalas with a lawn chair when they are almost touching. The stereo effect is not ideal but is still present.
  19. Hey guys, late to the party. We have a BLM protest planned in our city on the 11th, that should be fun...and we had threats going around on twitter the other night about burning our city down. Been an interesting week to say the least. Tim
  20. Today
  21. BigStewMan

    What I Got Today!

    Salsa is the only thing that i make very well. Never had a single complaint and always get rave reviews.
  22. No need for conduit as now that there are holes and I've seen behind the drywall, I can pull anything through. Yes, I used thinset behind the Hardibacker.
  23. Same here ... i’m happy that Bruce found love & happiness again.
  24. say tomorrow China says they have a vaccine and will share it -- what is the protocol from the FDA -- do we still do extensive testing? Could you envision China pimping a bogus vaccine? Wouldn’t surprise me anymore.
  25. Great song. I think Nick Mason did a great job on that track. drumming=excellent -- particularly at the beginning after the clocks. I saw Roger Waters and Nick Mason perform Dark Side of the Moon (the entire album). This was on Roger’s tour, but Mason happened to be in LA at the time and after intermission, they did the entire album with Mason on drums.
  26. My Second favorite. Shine of You Crazy Diamond is going to be hard to beat. I saw Gilmour at the Hollywood Bowl a few years ago and was SO happy when Coming Back to Life was on the set list. I mean, three guitar solos in that song!
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