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  2. +1 QS is a sleeper company that makes excellent gear. 20 watts will be plenty with K-Horns.
  3. Yes and add Tennessee to the world wide list. Really loving these S-MWM's and it is quite amusing to watch people who hear them for the first time. Thanks for your qualified help on everything.
  4. Zimmer is composing the new DUNE score as well......Which I was very, very happy to read...!!! But I grew up with John Williams basically writing the score to my childhood...E.T., Close Encounters.... I will often go for a night drive in the mountains(BlueRidgePKWY), go to some choice lookouts(scenic view ahead). I'll park, turn the lights off and just keep the car doors open, walk around, stare at the stars and play CloseEncounters tracks...πŸ‘½πŸ›ΈπŸ‘..
  5. You could always get the Scott 299C repaired and try it. Is it a good, honest 40 watt "RMS" (not quite the appropriate term, but widely used)? If so, it should be fine, if it sounds fine. Klipsch says that Khorns tend to sound best with a ceiling that is at least 8.5 feet high. Heyser agrees, but just says "a thick rug and a high ceiling." The reason given, IIRC, is that you don't want the tweeter sound that bounces off either floor or ceiling to reach your ears before the midrange and bass sound get there. The easiest solution is to put a few scatter rugs on the floor where the tweeter sound would bounce off the floor and into your ears (i.e., a first reflection point), and put an attractive or unobtrusive absorber on the ceiling where the tweeter sound would bounce off of it. The Klipschorn, back in the day, was rated at 104 dB (not 105) at 1 watt at 1 meter (54 dB EIA). Consumer Reports magazine rated speakers with that EIA as needing 0.9 watt "to make a loud sound in a 2,500 cu. ft. room." Using the same standard, they rated Acoustic Research and KLH acoustic suspension speakers as needing 22 times the power (20 watts) to produce the same SPL. So the word got around that the Khorn, the JBL D130, etc needed "less than 1 watt." That would true if the listener was content with about 98 dB. Your room is almost as large as mine, and you sit a bit farther away. But 40 good honest watts would be fine, IMO. I'd say liking to crank it at times, but leaving the paint on the walls, might be about 105 dB, which would take about 15 watts in your room, with plenty of headroom, at your distance. You might have a diamond in the rough. I hope you do.
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  7. I got my teeth cleaned.....πŸ˜β›οΈπŸ§›β€β™€οΈ Im definitely not uploading a picture of them....
  8. for horns - Danley and his MEH provided one of the best leaps in SQ. For the capable DIYer and amplifier above flea power, that's one way to go. (is there a good and available substitute for the little MISCO sealed back mids ?)
  9. What's wrong with the original wire the speaker came with? It is short, so the impact of difference is very small.
  10. Good info thanks I could have misunderstood what I'm reading (I seem to do that a lot reading about this type of thing still). So do you think Bob is wrong to say the lower xo helps the k55 sound better? Would love your take. Also do you think the AA are a better match still than bobs A/4500 design?
  11. If you have ALK crossovers, you have most excellent crossovers that are less than 20 years old. Al used better parts than Bob does, at least initially. If you have original Type AK3 crossovers, they, too are quite good crossovers. Hours don't matter. I suspect regular use may even preserve crossover performance. Try to listen to newer Khorns and compare the sound of yours. You may not need to overhaul the xovers at all. My '67 H700 sounded dull and recessed, so I rebuilt the crossover. My unmodified '68 H700 sounds just like it. You definitely don't need new drivers.
  12. No undue stress caused by the 6k crossover. The collapsing vertical dispersion of the K-400 helps the K-55-V respond to 6k, but barely. The early K-55-V and the late K-55-X really don't quite get to 6k. After seeing one or 6 in Hope, I doubt the latest K-77-F/D? Can handle 4500 Hz better than the -M, but the steep crossover slope protects it better. Remember, the K-77s were rated to 3500 Hz by E-V.
  13. I'll say it. Since they were designed and produced before the era of solid state. QED. But this does not mean that they cannot sound "most excellent" with solid state amps.
  14. If your Klipschorns have the K-55-M, it might have a similar buzz as the one discussed in this other thread.
  15. you can install some home made "mumps" in those CF3 horn with some Plasticine.
  16. i have a 2 watt 45amp and a 300b 8 watt amp. i never use the 300b because e 2 watts seems to be enough. the only reason I question it is because I read forums and they tell me I need more power.
  17. Fun stuff congrats indeed!
  18. California, Indiana, Ohio, Poland, Tasmania, Australia. Geographical spread does not necessarily imply volume, but it's not a lie. So many are reluctant to build horns as big as they need to be, except for DaveA, who also builds great Tweeter Lenses. Besides, I have moved so far beyond all this crap anyhow, I'm starting not to give a damn anymore, almost like "Pearls before Swines."
  19. Maybe you are right. I'd like to see your homework published here too, like I have, before you give anyone else advice and basically saying "I know something you don't know," while implying others are wrong or ignorant. Just sayin'. In God we trust, all others should provide data before opinion.
  20. Let me clarify with specifics....I am asking..How small of an amp can I use and still have plenty of headroom without clipping or distortion. My Room is 15x27...8ft ceilings with carpeting however I will be changing flooring to laminate or vinyl planks. I listen to mostly 70-80's rock and some newer rock and a bit of blues. My listening level is upper/moderate and at times I like to crank it but still leave the paint on the walls. Speakers will sit approx. 15 ft apart and Listening area 14-15 feet from each speaker. I have had a Primaluna Dialogue Integrated HP most recently with Goldenear Tritons. For the Khorns I have been considering a Scott 299C which I own but needs to go in for servicing and repair......Im really thinking of going this route first and see how everything unravels..Maybe I have a diamond in the rough????...Also looking at a Leben CS-300SX which is rated at 12w per. Ch. and Luxman SQ-Ni50 at 10w per Ch and Line Magnetic 211 ia which can switch between Ultralinear and Triode. 32 wpc Ultralinear and 15 wpc Triode. I guess I should consider solid state though I do love the warmth and beautiful midrange of el34 and el84....Any suggestions in the solid state arena under $3K? Cheers Don
  21. Where do you put all these speakers? Congrats by the way!
  22. http://www.woofertester.com/wt2product.htm
  23. JohnKuthe

    What I Got Today!

    I use a Panasonic Toughbook laptop with WinXP Pro on it! And what I love about WinXP Pro is that you know how if you are streaming music from Youtube and it stops asking "Are you still watching?" Well Youtube is WinXP Pro STUPID so it never stops!! ROFL!!! John Kuthe...
  24. Tom, nobody said anything about designing a system. And again, the delta between a spec driven system, and I have listened to it, tweaked it, and it's great system (to me) is huge. You should know that, yes?
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