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    Yes, excellent food guys thank you. Wish I was there the night before to sample some of the drinks. It was interesting running into you all Saturday morning at the hotel. I just checked out, looked over and saw 5 strangers sitting and chatting, I instantly knew they were the Klipsch gang (instantly recognized Carl from a Pilgrimage photo) didn't take long to figure out who was who (Seadog in this Seadog shirt) These guys instantly made me feel at home. Even though I only spent about 7 hours with them, I know enough to want to go back again. Great people, good tunes, spectacular sound, awesome venue, hard to beat.
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    Glad to hear you're almost home and safe. Glad everyone else is home and safe. Just got home about an hour ago(long enough to clean up) Magela and I are safe and sound. I'll post my amateur pictures tomorrow or Tuesday. It were a blast....What'd Yasgar say......nothing but fun and music.
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    Carl and Jerry performing surgery on a Klipsch Chorus, with Bill supervising.
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    This was the Friday lineup with the 396's included.
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    First leg done! Made it to Bardstown exit in KY about 40 miles south of Louisville. 1 traffic jamb/accident for about an hour, another accident that happened about a minute in front of me, an additional leg in the trip to deliver gear to Dave. I will post much more and had a blast with everyone. Running to Dave's added about 3 hours but I got to see the shop, meet Dave and listen to the Super MWM's with 402's. I will tell you my impressions in detail over the next couple of days, and somehow, they will be at the next event.
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    This venue was perfect for outdoor audio, and the weather could not have been any better.
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    The “Little Surprise” mono parallel SEP spud amp. Maynard
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    Hated that I could not make it after all the anticipation. I love to see the look on peoples faces when I fire the big boys up and never get tired of listening to them myself. Talking to tweeter buyers at times is fun as they describe their really "big" speakers like Fortes and Cornwalls and Chorus. I just bite my tongue and think they have no idea. If you guys think the cannon in the 1812 Overture is good wait until you hear Japanese Fireworks. Good to see that Chorus I there as of all the Klipsch vintage speakers I get or have played with I think they respond the best to a couple of simple upgrades. They are my all time veneer Klipsch favorites. By the way I never mind visitors and will make time for anyone who wants to stop in, just call first. Somehow it is more fun to listen with fellow enthusiasts then it is by myself. Pete even got to see one of the dreaded trip destroying donut fryer lift forks.
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    And the 396's were in the building along with a set of JBL's that I wanted to hear but it didn't happen.
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    I believe all of those bottles on the table got kicked and there might have been a couple more kicked or at least dented pretty bad.
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    The Mini Punches with the Devastator sounded freaking awesome! But so did the EV's and the LSI's.
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    Close up of Pete's Mini Punch base bin, mid and HF.
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    You haven't seen the speaker cabinets on the opposite side of the building. 😀
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    Well yea, all the snarky members couldn't make it
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    It sounded really nice. I recapped the crossover for Jerry and we installed the MAHL tweeters with B&C drivers. @rockhound seemed to like how they turned out. He originally had an issue with one tweeter cutting out. I found a cold solder joint where one of the wires attached to PCB and fixed it while I was recapping them. It never cut out the whole time we played them.
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    Pete, here are photos of the tweeter on the other Mini Punch (sorry to have omitted this important distinction!).
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    Last one for the evening, but I was way too keyed up from the drive to just go to sleep. @kirby said I really needed to try and get by @Dave A to listen to the supers and he was correct. Understand that what we had at SWAG was great, but the supers and the 402's were the best pair of speakers I've ever heard, period. Funny how we were chatting at SWAG about how all speakers really need a sub and we were listening to different speakers with and without the sub just to hear on the fly what they were all like without a sub. The Super MWM's, don't need no freaking sub and I would be shocked if you all don't agree when you've had an opportunity to hear them. Obviously, they aren't going to be in many home applications due to the size, but I've got to hear these things in the same type of setting where they can really be opened up. Absolutely amazing, IMHO. Thanks Dave, I wish I would have had more time, but we're going to do it at the next event.
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    Have a safe final leg home tomorrow.
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    Glad you made good time Pete, some crazy drivers on the roads these days. Glad to have met you.
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    There's a ton of awesome reviews out there for RF-7s. They are many, many times better than the 8000s.
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    I cant believe you found the one time that @rockhound was doing something and I was watching.. lol.
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    Ahh, what it used to be. I am truly sorry that I missed this. While some things suck (not getting to SWAG) spending time with the hormonal teenage female is a blessing.
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    I am glad I made the trek down to Hope, I had a great time. I was not disappointed at all, weather was great, music was awesome, and everyone was super friendly. I wish I could have stayed longer, but work has me busy. I had an observation earlier today....I was gone for 48 hours, and drove 1500 miles, that's a 31 mph average for the whole trip! I will be back, and will stay longer. It was great to finally meet these guys.
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    all Technics SL MK1 or MK2 prior to the M5G had thin wiring in the tonearms that were loose non shielded individual wires - the M5G used Cardas OFC wiring , stranded -and shielded for the 1st time -
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    What a blast. I just got home. It reminded me a lot of the first year the 12 or 13 of us got together at the super 8. No agenda other than hanging out and listening to music. I'm already looking forward to next year. Special thanks to Pete and Dave for bringing some awesome grub and to Jerry for securing that incredible venue.
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    The 1st SWAG is history, but what a great time. Except for the audio gremlins, the cattle in neighboring pastures, and a stray dog, the photo below from Saturday afternoon includes everyone who attended. L to R: Kirby, Babadono, Ceptorman, Seadog, PeteH, Rockhound, Rockhound's son, Cecaa850.
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    That's quite literally the entire point of this event. Everyone comes from a very diverse socioeconomic background, the full spectrum of equipment, and a shared enjoyment of sound reproduction. The event is meant to put names to faces, share gear when possible, and otherwise just have a good time to get to know people in a 3-dimensional way. I'd have been quite disappointed in that crew if you reported anything other than what you described.
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    Comparing the K55M/K401 combo to the K55M/Eliptrac combo, the Eliptrac is more open, smoother and forward sounding. Vocals are more compressed through the K401 and there is an ease of presentation with the Eliptrac. Everything just sounds more natural. I noticed and measured about a 1 db. increase in output with the Eliptrac, possibly because of the shorter horn length. The Faital HF144/Eliptrac combo is even smoother and fuller sounding. I used it as a 2-way without the Klipsch tweeter. I liked the sound of the HF144/Eliptrac combo the best, but didn't like the look of the horn boxes I made sitting on my La Scala's. I considered cutting the Eliptrac 400's into the motor board, but didn't want to molest the La Scala's that much. I like the stock look of the speaker, so I switched to the K55M/Fastrac combo and it was a slight compromise in sound, but still better than the K401. Presently my 1994 Lascala's have the stock K33E woofer, K55M/Fastrac combo, Crites CT110 tweeter and slightly modified AL-3 crossover. Mostly stock with some enhancements.
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    Only person that kicked that bottle of London No 1 gin was me I think. Tasted about the same there as it does at home, although @CECAA850 does have his way with the shaker Just not a bourbon guy and no cell, yea I'm weird.
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    if they are indeed oak oil & not a lacquer clear coat, all you need to do is apply the stain in your choice of color, follow the instructions on the can. or watch some youtube videos on how to stain wood. if there are light scratches or stains you can do a light sanding with 220-320 grit sand paper to clean up the veneer somewhat, but dont sand too deep as the veneer isnt that thick. basically you apply it with a brush or rag, let sit for a few minutes & wipe the excess off. reapply a 2nd coat if needed. dont get it too wet though as it can raise the grain which will require a light sanding after its dry. then protect with a good furniture oil. keep in mind that it will still look like an oak grain & not a real cherry or walnut. & oaks coarse grain will usually darken quite a bit with darker stains & may not turn out to be the color of a real cherry wood. staining is not difficult so should be able to get decent results if you follow instructions on the can.
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    That's the truth... My SL-1200MkII was part of a pair I got at a pawn shop, including a cheap dj mixer and coffin box to carry it all. I took a gamble, and paid $350 for the lot. The cartridges had no styli and they weren't very clean. They both ran and were physically quiet. I sold one to a friend for $300, the mixer for $50, leaving me with a free TT. It cleaned up well and I got a head shell and an Ortofon Red for it. I need to do a better alignment, but for the little I play vinyl, it worked out well for me. It could have easily gone the other way. BUT, the smell of new, out of the box. Very hard to beat.
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    But "Heel" knows how to spell "manners"......so there!
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    Absolute blast. It was worth it and great to meet you, we will be chatting. Not to toot my own horns @CECAA850 I'm thrilled with the splits. Just an FYI, the pick showed the ZPX horn and the Beyma tweeter, but the other one had a goldwood 450 horn with Dave's LMAHL with DE10 driver. No contest on the tweeter @Dave A MAHLS are fantastic. I prefer the ZPX slightly over the goldwood, but Carl prefered the goldwood. No right or wrong, just what your listening preferences are. Meant to run the ESS's, but didn't get around to wiring the pair up to match the impedance to the networks. The whole year has been screwed up and obviously, you weren't the only one that didn't make it, but I would bet that this is only the first, so next year. The accident that happened in front of me was bad. Both vehicles were totaled.
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    Same weight but 5 inches shorter. It happens at his age.
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    Look at the picture, of course he’s serious. I wasn’t going to mention it on a public forum but I have more manors and respect for you than ‘Heel. What is that T-shirt - XXXL?
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    Thought not. I agree that committing to such a trip seems insane, but there are people eager to sign up. Irrespective of opinions regarding a mission to Mars, get outside to observe the Red Planet while it is close during opposition.
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    One of the things that I've noticed over time: once Jubs are dialed in for a particular owner's room placement, I generally don't hear from the owners again (i.e., the line generally goes dead). Apparently these people aren't having to spend time on their loudspeakers. I still help others with their DSP crossover dial-ins from time to time, but these are new owners just getting set up. I've pretty much settled on acquiring better music over the past year and a half, since I discovered DSP zero phase growth crossover filters and flat phase performance. I'm spending virtually all my free time acquiring new music and demastering the new-to-me CDs as they arrive. I've apparently reached a point in demastering them where I don't have to spend much time on the new albums to demaster them. I'm often amazed by what is released from the recordings once demastering is done, however. It's a really cool thing to be capable of doing effortlessly--it doesn't take any real effort nowadays. It's a nice state to be in--finally not having to diddle with the setup, rather just using it to produce better sounding music and then listening to it, casually or critically, whatever the spirit moves me to do... Chris
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    You can't go wrong with the RB 61 IIs.
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    I love them both. They are unique in their own ways. Bill
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    You can but it's probably not a good idea to post it on a forum anyone can access. Send it to interested members via private message.
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    I'm rolling. First, a quick stop at the essentials store, then ETA Hope 3 pm.
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    I would post mine, but you all know what a kitchen table looks like, so . . . . .
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