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    Almost 24 hours since a post in this thread so an update. Almost done, a little trim on the back top rake edge and 2 roll up doors and it's done. Well except for electrical and a couple benches then deciding where the tools will go.
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    Another Happy Birthday for @grasshopper & @MicroMara & many more good ones!
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    Happy birthday to MicroMara too! Another candle on the cake and a trip around the sun!
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    @grasshopper I always knew you were a Capricorn and not a grasshopper. Then we have something in common on today's day and date, only that I am 7 years younger than you. Enjoy the day .
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    went outside for a very brief moment... frig brisk this AM. Weather channel sez 21`. Feels colder than that. They also say it's sposed to hit 70`. I'm quite OK with that. Days like this I can get away with a 5gal bucket of twigs for a fire. Once the suns come up, the drapes get pulled on the east side... and the sun takes over. a fairly typical winter day.
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    Mornin' all survived another b'day. 99 er..... 66 Was a quiet, uneventful day. .Just what I wanted. "Celebrated" by cracking a bag of Kona coffee... and playing the wife's stereo.... at a near antisocial level. Worked hard Monday so I could do little or nothing yesterday. The extent of my activity was filling my bowl and coffee cup. the R15M's went to their new home. @dtel nice looking shed. good job
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    Good morning everyone! I hope all is fine by you. I've been busy with the pup & not had a chance to lurk on the site. Please be safe.
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    In about 3 years @dtel will be wondering WHY he didn't build a bigger place!
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    Very Nice. Wanna come and help me build a shed?
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    Some of the Record Heads in this forum may also be movie buffs. New release. January 17, 2020 John Carpenter Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998 With Exclusive Slipmat https://www.shoutfactory.com/product/john-carpenter-anthology-with-exclusive-slipmat?product_id=7350&utm_source=rejoiner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=John+Carpenter+Birthday+Sale+1%2F12%2F21&utm_content=JOHN+CARPENTER+BIRTHDAY+SALE+-+1%2F11%2F21&rjnrid=dDoNrrA Disk art is ok, but not a fan of the cover art.
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    Remember when the calendar for birthdays was easy to find? They're still there, just harder to find. With the average around here most people don't care to be reminded. The good part is almost everything we buy has a lifetime guarantee.
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    that was quick - wow-------looks really-----really good , waterproof , and no wood to rot , or mold or termites
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    Haven't seen him lately cool. Yes that was a different club for sure, lol: Pretty good so far. Saw the movie but...
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    Love this guy too! One of the best and a one man show!
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    You probably know this, but John Carpenter wasn't just the director of the movies, but also the composer of the score !
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    Just got shot with Moderna at 10:30 this morning. Called yesterday and upped it 2 weeks earlier. Easy process...
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    Happy Birthday MicroMara, seems to be a popular date, have a good day today. .
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    Another Birthday Boy --Happy Birthday George , May you never get Old ,
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    Eric is still young , checkout the birthday of @Sancho Panza 1918 , aint no way he's 104
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    Around here they call it a pole barn when there are no sides or cement, usually anyway. Like to store hay or park equipment under, but I don't care what it's called if I can put my stuff in it and work out of the sun. There will be a little wood for a counter and a couple rolling tables, but they will be treated wood, I have had enough termites already, they can do some damage quickly. One corner is all I need, the speakers will be the first thing to go in, even if I have to run it with an extension cord while wiring everything. Thanks everyone, seems like it took forever to have space to work.
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    HAAAAAPY Birthday BRO-----------------may you stay Young in Spirit
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    Happy birthday grasshopper. Oh to be 66 again knowing what I know now.
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    Looks like it might have good corners too.
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    @grasshopper HBD WillyBob, you'll probably see 99. In the eyes of your life insurance company, when you hit 100, you win and get your policy amount! @dtel that building looks great, and made to last. Probably 90% around here are built with wood, but I know you have a different wind load. We would call that a pole barn, but I like the term garage.
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    Water skis at Mavericks
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    Cannon technology was much improved by 1812.
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    Probably right, it happens to everyone. Going to try to keep it unfilled, I want a place to work, it's the main thing. But your right.
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    Steve Martin could play the heck out of a banjo! I wasn't aware of that for a long time.
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    Gotta love Lester & Earl
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    Found some memories on youtube, the tv sound stinks now so fired up the little polks and it's all good. @billybob ever see these guys back in the day? We'd just get in the car and go find the good sounds, they'd hit town a couple times a year. Talent and varied sounds to their hundreds of tunes it seems like. * Oh I found my dancing shoes in an old foot locker in the shed... HA out the door they went!
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    rplace: Should be pretty straight forward if you have not already done so. The Jasper Circle jig will work fine and skip using the Spiral bit. Sequence I would do. 1) Set up the Jasper -> pin your circle guide to 15.375". On the backside (orange below). 2) Still pinned do your cut passes (Lime below) until you reach .6875" (Purple below). Also on the backside. 3) Drill you mounting holes, if applicable. From the front side. 4) Cut your 14" thru hole. From the front side. 5) Clean-up 6) Have a beer.
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    I'd be awestruck just seeing those waves from the beach @sunburnwilly... probably scared too after all the wave movies I've seen! Grinderswitch were on Capricorn just like the Alman Bros and Marshall Tucker but did not get the same airplay. I could imagine the shag-sters dancing to them a lot better than myself!
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    the old software platform for the klipsch forum was really good ----I preferred it , to the current -
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    Happy B'day Grasshopper. I'm 34 days behind you ...if a six turned out to be nine...I don't mind......
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    It was about this time last year when a colleague of mine raised the alarm about covid19. His wife holds multiple degrees and was well connected in the international medical community. She’d become aware of a SARS like illness on the loose in China...... and she was worried. This was before Italy or any known cases outside of China. One year later and this virus is knocking at every door, everywhere. This is how fast and powerful a new infectious disease can be. What we see is how tough they are to contain. And we have witnessed how vulnerable humanity is in mental frailties and physical susceptibility. The spread of covid19 never had anything to do with politics as the virus has invaded neatly and uniformly into all countries. It had to do with personal responsibility and boy howdy did humanity fail (and this continues even now). That’s understandable. Humanity had not dealt with any such disease for a century. It was a century loaded with medical miracles and the populace became reliant on modern medical cures to keep them safe. Humanity had dumbed down about the terrors of infectious disease. So whether it is this ugly Nipah virus or some mutated form of tuberculosis or whatever people must enhance their understanding about truly lethal and uncontrolled pathogens. These are extinction level monsters. We must do much, much, MUCH better next time. And that applies to every country and every individual.
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    Interesting , they opened for ARS at Gailliard Municiple Auditorium back in 79 I think . It was a Greenbax Stamp affair from Beach Club Promotions .
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