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  1. Sure, keep believing that. Do I have a lot of money? No. Do I want to impress people with my gear? No. Do I use it as a "status symbol"? No. Only through buying, selling, trading, bartering, etc, etc, etc through many, many years have I been able to acquire amps and preamps that compliment my listening environment and the music I enjoy. So please, continue to mock the Mcintosh brand, and those that appreciate it, while I will continue to listen and laugh.
  2. Didn’t someone say no shipping? Really hard to tell…
  3. jimjimbo

    What I Got Today!

    Yea, what's that W.C. Fields quote? Help me out here....
  4. I have one on order. Currently hoarding tubes before it's arrival.
  5. What do you expect? You’ve only have this posted for two days, not to mention that there may not be many folks close to you that even have any of these units. I would recommend that you join any number of Klipsch Facebook groups where you will get a lot more exposure.
  6. Don’t be sorry, it’s the same old bullshit.
  7. Highly recommend you replace the almost 50 year old capacitors. https://critesspeakers.com/ https://www.parts-express.com/electronic-parts/capacitors
  8. Since this thread is regarding Chorus 1........ Solid state amp.
  9. Everyone makes mistakes......Don't assume everything is good. Your CW are more efficient than your previous speakers.
  10. Cap break in is BS. Most likely you have a cold solder joint or you incorrectly installed the caps. Check all of your connections.
  11. Those are all from Paducah HT, aka Cory.
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