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  1. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    gonna return it and make them whole...
  2. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    I got a Thanksgiving diner ribeye roast from Costco... about $225 worth of meat. so happy and ready to enjoy, then I realized after getting home that the meat was mislabeled...
  3. that was all part of his plan
  4. its the same all over... THE WORLD. Currency induced inflation has started to slow in terms of velocity, but it has not peaked. Supply side inflation is probably fairly stable or coming down slightly.
  5. That almost looks like goldmines, James bond and pushy galore...
  6. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    I got a new water pistol...
  7. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    They look very nice
  8. welcome to the forum... I don't know the db/oct number on the new CWIV's... sorry. That Marchand looks a little like the Nelson Pass analog XO
  9. those spec's will not tell you how good your Phono Stages will sound when combined with your choice of cartridges. those specs are merely for functionality.
  10. There are many ways to Store Data that use differing Protocols that yield different file sizes. Just because your file size is larger, doesn't mean that your end usage will yield a better experience. While poor resolution choices can degrade source materials, just because you add more resolution does not guarantee that the source material will improve.
  11. For sure Cornwalls would have been a step up in that listening space... better yet, La Scala AL5's. listen to the fortes for a while then step up. One other thing is certain, it is possible to over dampen a listening space. many prefer a slightly active room to one that is completely dead. I would pull them away from boundary layers, and play with clocking. I personally rarely listen on axis. if you have valves, don't wait... get them in there.
  12. folks can't hear smearing? really
  13. 'Forward' isn't an issue for any klipsch heritage... usually it is TO FORWARD for most. just continue to break them in and throw different valves at it and you are going to be very happy.,
  14. Looks like he was active just a month ago, I suggest the link above and he is VERY attentive to respond. Dennis loves to talk.
  15. they DO INDEED sound great outside of corners. Even though the LF is 'Slightly lite'... it is easily livable.
  16. Ive been eating meat nearly exclusively for a few weeks now... I feel wonderful. my mind is much clearer, I wake up feeling great and any stomach issues I was suffering before are completely gone. I still mix in an occasional GREEN vegetable but fruits, process sugars and mass carbohydrates are out.
  17. Just for clarification for those that are close enough to get these... which Xilica are you selling with these? is that the latest version of the 402 horn? which driver is attached... k-691 or k-69a? in the photo above, and from the factory, a passive was available... is it still with these speakers? GLWS.
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