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  1. Ive been eating meat nearly exclusively for a few weeks now... I feel wonderful. my mind is much clearer, I wake up feeling great and any stomach issues I was suffering before are completely gone. I still mix in an occasional GREEN vegetable but fruits, process sugars and mass carbohydrates are out.
  2. Just for clarification for those that are close enough to get these... which Xilica are you selling with these? is that the latest version of the 402 horn? which driver is attached... k-691 or k-69a? in the photo above, and from the factory, a passive was available... is it still with these speakers? GLWS.
  3. you can get close, but that timing coherence remains a 'slight' issue. you're opposed to active?
  4. I think I have had a similar experience in terms of the direct radiating CW/solid state and the horn loaded LS/Tube... at any rate, it's all good stuff.
  5. maybe because it doesn't fall under the PRO category... regardless of what horn you use, it is a modification which is Technical/Restorations
  6. I am building a gaming computer...
  7. isn't a MAJOR component to something qualifying as 'ZIP' cord the economic aspect... CHEAP/LOW COST?
  8. you have to ask yourself... what constitutes a Klipsch speaker being classified as 'HERITAGE'. is it merely the usage of the same (or similar) wave guides, drivers or cabinet designs?
  9. I have the exact opposite reaction to 'waiting' as it rarely measures up to the anticipation... Like sex for instance. I find that after waiting for something for a LONG time, that the chase was more rewarding than the payoff.
  10. Schu


    Not really... a 2k dac for <1k
  11. no affiliation MYTEK BROOKLYN DAC
  12. 2 milliseconds sounds a bit short...
  13. any shipment requires 2 pallets... at roughly 4-600 for each.
  14. That is, merely because you talk about historical events that loosely revolve around the political system, DOES NOT MEAN that that discussion is itself 'Political'.... and conflating this is short sighted and in itself a Political statement. Do you have the ability to discuss Abraham Lincoln or John F Kennedy's assassination without a personal bias of political beliefs... if not, and most certainly if you haven't even taken the time to view in its entirety the source material in question, you probably do not belong in this thread. This interview is more akin to a history lesson. Okay, bye bye now.
  15. it's MUCH MORE than that... the story is not over as yet.
  16. it's just a history lesson... not political or conspiratorial. it's merely retelling of factual events and associations as researched by an investigative journalist.
  17. wow... some of this JE stuff is really eye opening!
  18. Schu

    Let that SINK IN...

    there goes the Kitchen sink
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