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  1. I am in the anti feedback camp but only because I don't like dealing with it in DIY. Nothing wrong with it unless you get culty.
  2. I have so many 2a3 tubes I'm thinking of doing a push pull 2a3 amplifier with 4 per channel. Don't need the power but could be fun..
  3. You don't need to spend a fortune. I like Min's Tube Audio Lab. He has been building 91A instpired amps for years. Great bang for the buck. I'd trust him over the newly launced WE. http://tubeaudiolab.com/
  4. I hated every sub I ever tried with my fully horn loaded systems in my room. To me it just made things worse. That was until I heard and tried the HLS. It is a game changer for horn guys.
  5. They may have stayed in the family but I am not sure. It was strange getting his tubes as we had long conversations about tubes. Then it turned out he bought most of what we talked about and I had no idea.
  6. I inherited DaddyDee's tube collection and I agree with his opinions. However there are so many great 2a3 tubes on the market it is hard to go wrong. The one I have not tried are 2a3 mesh by EML. I find there tubes better than anything I have ever heard or seen. What I didn't realized until recently is the sovteks and gold lions are single plate 2a3s.
  7. I agree keep it in the same family. The maple tree is trmendous bang for the buck. I doubt you could do better new for the money.
  8. No it wasn't too long. It is amazing. People like to blame Yoko but even according to Ringo George and Paul The Beatles were having issues before she showed up. Yoko was just a strong women John needed. The most touching part of their relationship was when John got shot and George and Paul showed up to help Yoko. Those are true friends and family. I'm of the opinion The Beatles were underated. I have studied The Beatle throughout my life. They are the epitomy of a band as seperatley they were good but together they were unstopable. I'd like to see a fwe more of these studying each phase of their development. The most interesting would be their time in Germany where they became The Beatles.
  9. 2 watts high power. I've got a couple under 2wpc 8-) Love the bottleheads!
  10. I mentioned it to Chris he said take it on to Durham's.
  11. That needs more than a tech lol. Check Durham electronics. My friend Chris works for him on a few jobs and he is as good as they get.
  12. The book is amazing but wouldn't expect anything less from Matt and Jim. I got my poster in a sperate box. I wanted #42 but Fini had dibbs first. 13 is my lucky number next to 666. 8-)
  13. When I work on an amp and I don't know if its drained I built a few of these and use them. Then I check with multi meter because I don't wanna see the electric blue jesus.
  14. I use Naval Jelly for rust but don't let it touch ya.
  15. Congrats! Really cool speakers. This is just a preference but I love little EL84 PP amplifiers with speakers like this.. \
  16. Mullard tubes are NOT distorted in the highs. It is all in how tubes are used driven. Certainly guitar amps are not built to same end as hifi.
  17. These guys are pants flappers. Amazing.
  18. It looks like the tube socket has come loose enough to rock back and forth. There are only two screws holding them in. I would find someone to tighten them down. I zoomed in on the socket and they appear to be moving.
  19. Using a Wright Preamp and Phono Preamp. I am currently building a 112A triode preamp.
  20. The only people I know who use Naim are my friends in the UK. It is usually used with ineffecient speakers.
  21. Screw the dynaco that turntable is the stuff dreams are made of...
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