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  1. Well, there was a contributor whose opinion and perspective I was interested in. His name was Roy. I think many of you folks succesfully managed to scare him off.
  2. For those you wanting to go the next step, check out eBay 1. Yamaha SP2060 (2 inputs and 6 outputs). This will accept either analog or digital inputs. Used & asking price is $550 2. Xilica XP 3060 (3 inputs to 6 output channels). This has analog inputs only (no digital input). Used & asking price is $739 Both of these have plenty of input and output filters (more than a EV dX38 for instance). These are average-ish prices for used components. However, they are affordable and will provide a greater bang for the buck than many things I see on this forum.
  3. I think you are confusing several concepts: reflection, horn loading, impedance transformation etc. All the wall, or wood back, needs to do is provide a reasonably rigid boundary so the column of air has higher overall pressure at the throat end and lower at the mouth end (IOW, the column's cross-sectional area needs to expand as it gets further from the throat). Don't bother with fancy materials.
  4. You are right about using a voltmeter (or DMM). He needs to put on a steady pure tone (anywhere between 200 to 800 Hz). Leave the knob in the 12:00 position or whatever and tell us what the Volts (VAC) reads. This will be far too loud, so you will probably need to disconnect the speaker and use a power resistor (10 ohm /10 watt is one possibility) to load the amp (remember this is tube equipment). Be careful and do this quickly since the power resistor is probably too small and will get quite hot fairly quickly. Using music as a test signal is not ideal since the meter will fluctuate all over the place. Good luck, -Tom Note, when you are fooling around doing this DO NOT SHORT the output of the amplifier BTW, I doubt you are using anywhere near 35 Watts. The issue is we have no idea what kind of potentiometer (volume knob) is being used (log, linear, audio taper etc)
  5. Guys, we still don't know what problem or inadequacy the OP is trying to solve. I am not sure where the recommendations are coming from. IMHO, more good will come from carefully and systematically optimizing the room placement of the speakers (distance, distance from walls & corners, toe in , etc). This is a tedious task (not done in a hurry) but it can result in some serious improvements.
  6. Are there any particular complaints you have about the way they currently sound?
  7. PrestonTom


    When I built my "Jubilee" bass bins, I used those same woofers. The frame actually has 8 holes. What you are looking at is a plastic ring that inserts into the frame. The ring only has 4 holes (as you observed), but it can be easily drilled for the additional holes. In my build, I drilled the extra four holes so the woofer would be attached in 8 spots (into hurricane nuts I might add). Yes, DIYers tend to overdo things .....
  8. The OP would do himself (and others) a favor by not posting the same question in several different Klipsch forums. It becomes to difficult to see "who has said what". I won't bother.
  9. Well, they are walnut and the stain was applied by the owner. Safe guess is "Walnut Raw" as stated above.
  10. I heard that Noel Lee is a real believer in bi-wiring. (insert some sort of smiley face here...)
  11. The adage I heard was "volts jolt, mil(iwatt)s kill"
  12. If the solution does not work for you, then do a google search on "zenmod babysitter" . It is a small pedestal with a fan creating a stream of air to cool off components. This is a DIY project that can be made even more elaborate (although probably not necessary)
  13. Those prices are certainly surprising. Using your AA crossover, you already have a 3rd order high pass on the tweeter so I would not worry about it (assuming you don't do anything outrageous). If you have a general interest in tweeter protection then do a search on some threads from DJK regarding "bulb protection" or something like that (if the power ran high, the signal was sent through a bulb, to dissipate the power). -Tom
  14. No (it is not that simple) ! The process is not well understood. It can be caused by noise induced hearing loss, drugs, other diseases, etc. This is exactly why the the OP should be seeking competent medical advice rather than opinions from folks on an internet site. I don't mean to disparage folks on the site, but this should be treated as a medical concern and dealt with accordingly.
  15. Actually, That K-510 could be the cornerstone of an excellent center channel cabinet. Combine that with the B&C, ashly, etc - that could be a dynamite center. Surprising that these are still available.
  16. If you are asking about a developing medical condition, wouldn't it make more sense to speak with a medical type about this. IMO, an appt with an ENT would be wise, since they can rule out some bad things (a primary care provider won't have a sufficient background). Asking a bunch of audio enthusiasts is only going to get you some suspect advice. Good luck, -Tom
  17. I am biased, please keep that in mind. I have owned both Klipschorns and Jubilees. No, I did not have them at the same time, but I did have each set up in the same room and each enjoyed for a number of years. Both sound good. However the Jubilees sound better, and better along a number of different dimensions. If you are worried about setting up a crossover - don't be worried. There are factory measured settings available to load. If you are worried about needing to getting fancier DSP crossovers - don't be worried. There are a number of choices and even the mediocre (affordable) ones will knock your socks off. If you are worried about needing to upgrade the drivers - don't be worried. The stock units will sound fantastic as they are. I hope that I have made your decision an easy one. Good Luck, -Tom
  18. There is a competing thread already posted. Please note, the measures were not done by the regular guy. It was someone else.
  19. Over at Audio Science Review there is a review (mostly measurements) of the Heresy IV Note: This is not done by their regular reviewer and I can not speak regarding the competence of the measures presented (they may or may not be accurate - I have no idea). The review is not favorable. This is just an FYI. If you don't like what you see, don't beat up on me (I have certainly never heard or measured this speaker). https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/klipsch-heresy-iv-speaker-review.17853/
  20. It is a JBL product (or a look-a-like). If it is original, then it might be worth some money. Don't take them to the dump. You can get more info over at the Lansing Heritage website. Good luck, -Tom
  21. Rick, With all due respect, trying second guess someone or question their perspective and motivation does not accomplish anything positive. If the advice has been good, solid and helpful (I believe it has from what I have seen), then the appropriate response is simple. It starts by saying "Thank you". Of course, this is just my opinion, -Tom
  22. I got confused so I deleted my comment
  23. The possibilities are endless. However it has not gone very far. The original base technology was put together in Japan several decades ago and then re-discovered by some MIT students (and others) about 25 years ago. There were some demo packages cobbled together and put forward to a number of groups (I was one of the reviewers for some Navy applications). So 1) yes it is exciting, 2) it is hardly new, and 3) I never understood why it has never taken off (other than small demo programs overseas). -Tom
  24. Folks will modify anything and everything. My friendly advice is to spend some time with what you have. Sure, go ahead and tweak the speaker placement (distances form walls, listener chair, and toe-in). This can be a tedious task since you need to be systematic about it and listen to the same few tracks over and over again. It will easily take several weekends given all the variables and combinations. However you will discover the bass response, imaging etc can dramatically change / improve. Get this adjusted to your liking and then just listen and enjoy, listen and enjoy, listen ...... Save the "upgrades" for another time. Good luck, -Tom
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