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  1. that's great and good to know took them a long time to catch up though. I would love to have a listen and compare.
  2. do you have any documentation confirming this? I would be interested to learn about that. Thank you.
  3. I would imagine that ten or twenty years from now Benchmark may make the schematic available to the public as the amp may have been replaced by then. Who can say? In twenty years from now I may be dead so I am not overly concerned but I appreciate your concern. I would not let that stop you from giving the amp an audition.
  4. you need to do some listening as you are who knows what sounds best. I have not listened to the new Quad products but they have always been very good and very well balanced sounding amplifiers. While not the lowest noise level or the lowest distortion or even a complimentary design (it is a quasi complimentary output stage) the 303 is a very good sounding amplifier and one I have always liked in fact in some ways I preferred it to the stock 405. So do some listening and find an amp that makes your speakers happy. System matching will be critical to a achieving a wonderful sounding system.
  5. the Benchmark AHB2 was the worlds lowest noise amplifier when it was introduced over ten years ago and remains so today. So far Bruno Putzey has recently come the closest but has not ye equalled the AHB2 for noise. This is I think an amp best serviced at the factory. If you find out more please let me know. You would do yourself a favor to listen to one or two. My brother liked mine so much he bought two to bi amp his two way JBL loudspeakers.
  6. yes the AHB2 is the Quad 405 that Peter Walker never built. I think Peter would have been very pleased to see his design achieve its full potential. The AHB2 deserves an equally fine preamplifier.
  7. My choice would be the Chorus and try both your amplifiers to see how they will sound on the Chorus then use the one you like best.
  8. here is an honest set of reliable measurements done on a klippel system by a competent technician. https://www.erinsaudiocorner.com/loudspeakers/klipsch_forte_iv/
  9. it was a blessing that you had so long with you pup to love each other.
  10. please let us know how things go. prayers and good vibes your way.
  11. please let us know how things go. prayers and good vibes your way.
  12. hang tough prayers and good vibes your way, remember good things can happen too.
  13. if your cones are cracked you can repair them to good as new. I repaired cracked cones with loctite black max. Expensive but a truly superior adhesive.
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