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i can't argue too much about that list--VERY happy to see Brian May there as he is my personal favorite--followed very closely by Steve Howe.

you can also remove eddie van halen from that list without any argument from me.

check out Queen's song "Good Company" from Night at the Opera album. Brian May said that song was recorded one note at a time because what sounds like a dixieland jazz band is actually just him on the guitar. as he said, "it was painstaking and I don't think I'd ever do it again unless i felt a real need to."

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The first ten looked pretty good, then it went downhill from there. They had one of my favorites, Steve Howe, at #69, Eddie Van Halen at #70 and David Gilmour at #82. What???

Remember here, without some type of statistics, rankings are only subjective. That is why Pizza Hut was ranked as "best pizza in Orlando". Of course that is nuts. More like "most popular".

I will agree that these three's rankings are ridiculous. Steve Howe is one of the few(IMO) guitarists that if you close your eyes you would think he was playing lead, rhythm, and a 12-string acoustic all at the same time. I have not heard much Eddie Van Halen lately, but David Gilmore is probably a better player now than he was twenty years ago.

I'll also agree that Lindsey Buckingham is a far better guitarist than he has been given credit for.


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I could never understand the point of these lists... Having played myself for near 40 years, i find these comparisons very troubling... there is no such thing as the best art... it's just art.

but if you want to discuss players and the styles you love personally, I have to go with a relatively short list in no particular order...

Steve Howe

Juan Serrano

Adrian Belew -

Frank Zappa

Jimi Hendrix

John Mclaughlin

Danny Gatton

Joe Pass

Chet Atkins

Les Paul

Monte Montgomery - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8_6aa-TTvI

Both those two links above are WELL worth the time to watch... Monte's for his technical ability, Adrians for his ultra subtle abilities, mastery of electronics and musical voice.

Both videos are very special...

Schu has the right idea in identifying artists across a spectrum of genres. There are wonderful guitarists in every genre, though I'd argue that for complete technical mastery and subtlety/finesse of expression most any player in the classical realm (DiMeola is not classical) exceed the rest...usually considerably. I mean, Josef Eotvos' arrangement of the complete Goldberg Variations...my God! Galbraith's recent Debussy & Ravel, Baruecco's definitive Albeniz & Granados to name a few. Probably the most mnd-blowing and controversial of them all is Kazuhito Yamashita. His Tedesco performances on You Tube are so musically intense! Here's one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfgnmfEiU64 I also love his unconventional Bach #6 Cello Prelude. Not virtuosic, except for the ending, but he channels the cello so amazingly and with such grandeur. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdRB5QGCDFU&feature=related He's most famous for his insane arrangements of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition and Dvorak's New World Symphony. The classical world has argued for decades whether these involved recording tricks. They didn't.

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Trouble with these list- there is always somebody you think of later that got left out.

Clapton- knoffler- Hendrix- Stevie ray Vaughn-Roy Buchanan-Jeff beck-Chet Atkins-Buddy Miller-Buddy guy all rank high on mine.

This article to which the "LIST" was linked, spoke about Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck, and the link to the list did in no way imply that these are the top 10 greatest of all time. It merely listed them as being some of the most popular and gifted guitarist.

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