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Autotune SUCKS


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Remember that stupid song......MTV killed the radio or something like that??? Omniscience!

Who among us did not suffer immeasureably and profusely during last years abomination of a half time performance at the Super Bowl?

That was some heinous feces to be sure. Beyond heinous, God awful, shameless, miasmic, embarrasing, nonmusical, without merit except for that gals tush, thumpathumpa crapcrapcraprap.

I am suddenly overcome by the need for self medication and a clean recording of something (someone) worth listening to.

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We've been watching America's Got Talent for the past few weeks. There's a young band, Poplyfe, that is really good, and does something different each time. And an older black guy who is a crooner (by his own admission, doing frank sinatra and dean martin), and they are both really, really good.

Obviously no autotune...


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There is nothing new under the sun. One of the biggest acts in the history of rock music used to keep their lead vocalist's parts recorded so that they could play them through a "Midi" when their coke addled singer couldn't come up with the goods during live performances. [^o) ]Somehow I suspect they weren't the only band to resort to such measures.

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The first and the worst. Don't get me wrong, I've always thought Cher was a babe, sure something androgynous, but a babe none-the-less. Let's face it, it was the 80's and music was seriously screwed up at the time.


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