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Gotta Love some TIM TEBOW!!!

JL Sargent

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All that talk about how he couldn't be successful in the NFL. As a starter the guy is 7-1 and now the Denver Broncos are leading their division. Somehow, someway the guy does it!!! Tebow has staged 7 comeback wins as a rookie. That has got to be a record. I just watched his news conference after the game. Gave all the credit to the rest of the team. "they make me look better than I really am". As Bergman said on ESPN "If you don't like that, then you don't like PB&J sandwiches. I have to agree.

Tebow's latest nickname? They are calling him the Mile High Messiah.

I want our FOX affiliate to start carring the Denver games. Go TEBOW.

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I don't keep up with football that much except for the Saints and who there playing but I never did understand why they said he wouldn't make it. Of course I expected more time than this for him to get adjusted to the NFL but he looked like he had the talent.

It's all just a guess until they get on the Field and play.

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Being a Georgia Bulldog fan, I had a hard time allowing myself to root for the Florida Gators, even though I have lived in Florida since 1989. Tim Tebow changed all that for me. He was a winner at Florida, now a winner in Denver.

I rooted for the Broncos the whole time Elway was there but my support for them fell off when he retired.

Tim Tebow gets drafted by Denver, I am a Bronco fan again.

This kid is something special. From his unwaivering faith to his unmatched work ethic, he radiates class. You can coach throwing mechanics and reading defenses, but you just can't coach raw athleticism and the motivation to work even harder. He picks his team up like no one else and takes none of the credit when successful, and takes it all on the chin when failure comes his way. Let them pursecute him for his love of God, it only makes his lamp shine brighter.

Patriots next week, wouldn't that be something?


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Great to watch it all unfold. I was never a Florida fan, but a Tebow fan.........you bet, so I'm not a Denver fan either, but still gotta hope he keeps learning and improving and winning. When there's so much crap in sports it's nice to see someone like this keep taking the abuse and keep smiling and winning.

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Being a Georgia Bulldog fan I honestly could NOT WAIT to get Tim Tebow OUT of my TV.

But I have to admit it is pretty remarkable how he can convince a team to believe they can win and get everyone behind him. He's doing the same thing in the pros now that he did at Florida..........as a rookie. It is pretty special.

HOWEVER...........He's not going to pull the rabbit out of the hat against NE and Brady. This is where he will be shown to be the rookie that he is and Denver the team they REALLY are.

NE 35.........Denver 10

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Yes, he actually started the last 3 games last year. So he is no longer a rookie. The time goes by so quick. [;)]

I don't think the Patriots can score 35 on that Denver defense. If Tebow and Denver are still in it at the 4th, look out.

Now Cam Newton, he is a rookie. Sometimes he looks like one too I might add.

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ive never seen a middle of the road average qb get so much press from the start, lots of comebacks but he tends to do nothing until the last 3 minutes of each game...i only hate because a qb like that is getting more coverage for doing next to nothing than rodgers is for leading a team down a perfect victory road with qb ratings that would make any veteran qb giddy with delight, oh well denver needs something to cheer for [6]

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