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Show us your great photography thread!

JL Sargent

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Indeed, I've seen pics done by various photographers of the town at night. No telling how much they have processed the images, though.


Here's one I just took outside at work. All this buildup is just from the fog condensing and freezing on the trees.




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In a JIm Morrison way I suppose.  Think about it.  He was photographed extensively and didn't live that long...

He was an ******* and he went the way he wanted go .


That doesn't mean he wasn't right about a lot of things.  And heart failure in a warm bathtub doesn't sound so bad either.

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Anybody here with moon photography tips? My photos never compare to the real thing. :)

JL, take your exposure reading from only the moon itself, don't use an average meter reading, turn your camera to spot metering. You will find the settings will be somewhere around 1/500th at f8...ISO 100. Basically a day light setting in the sun, as that is what the moon is being lit by. This setting will give you detail in the lunar surface without being blown-out. I prefer to still have some light in the sky, so shoot not too long after sunset when possible..........

.post-18926-0-02540000-1453603427_thumb.j...................Hoping I'm on the right the track, and not the same one as oldtimer..... :)

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