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Show us your great photography thread!

JL Sargent

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30 minutes ago, Westcoastdrums said:

I prefer to feel it in my chest than to not feel i

Not a problem, it's a pair of KP 600's hanging from the ceiling minus each sub module, but that's an 1802 on the floor between them. That flybar for the 600's probably weighs 70 pounds by itself, they are hung well past spec's.


The 600's were donated to the museum by forum member JWC, Thank You again JC.

Kevin Harmon drove from Louisiana to Georgia, picked them up then delivered them to Hope and went back home, Thank you also. 

Roy "borrowed" the sub, it might be there loaner for shows, I don't ask?


We hung some wooden signs up earlier that day, after Roy calibrated everything we played some music, between 111db and 112db steady for about 10 minutes. We went to leave and, we walked around making sure we had picked up everything and noticed all the signs were crooked and hanging on angles, we vibrated the whole building. Yes, it's working, we were kind of proud of ourselves. Were old what can I say. :blush:

museum steam building-15-copy.JPG

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For a hard building for sound, Roy has it sounding good. There will be heavy curtains donated from a movie theater chain that Klipsch does business with which cover both side walls which will look better and help the sound, but it's good now which surprised us. There is also a giant rug in the center donated by a large hotel chain which is not in the picture, that helped I guess.

The ceiling height makes it feel bigger on the inside, it's 16' just to the top of the windows.  

We were supposed to go back a couple of days ago to move the rest of the books, but it's about 2-3 miles and it was going to rain for a few days so we put it off a week. It never ends and seems slow because we all live somewhere else, 7 hours for us 5 for Kevin and 3 for Craig. The people going to pilgrimage will go to the new building also so we're trying to get it ready, as ready as it will be.


This the outside and the second pic is the airport which is right in front of the building It's hard to believe this was one of the busiest airports in the country during WW2, it was called the Southwest Proving Grounds, the reason PWK was in Hope and where he retired from the military. He bought the first museum and where the plant is from the military.

museum steam building-39-copy-1.JPG

museum steam building-41-copy-1.JPG

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I'd love to own a hanger like that and fill it full of great finds.


On the baseball front, my kid and his teammates won the county championship last night!!! My boy pitched a complete game allowing only 2 runs to secure the win.






C best.jpg

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