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JL Sargent

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So the lake level is controlled by cross ties for the most part?


Yes, he built that overflow to be able to drain the lake. In front of the wood on the lake side is a sheet of rubber than helps seal the boards. Normally it just overflows the top board that's set at the level he wants. 


What I didn't expect was when the board was lifted out and the water rushed over a wave of air flew past me, I was not ready for that and really surprised me. Over the 10 days we were there he removed 3 boards, dropping the lake about 3 feet. 

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Hey, what about the Oppo? Your impressions?

Will do a write up soon. So far it's precisely what I wanted for my mobile set up. I just got a pair of beyerdynamics t1's to try out... I think I will sell them and try and get pair of T5p closed back mobile headphones to use with this dac. I am also quite intrigued to try oppos pm3's... somehow I dont think they could touch the beyerdynamics though


Schu when you get around to it how about some impressions of the t1 as well, they seem to change hands quickly

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the water rushed over a wave of air flew past me


I bet that felt kinda nice on a hot summers day. With the work day done did you guys do some fishing?



Actually it was kind hot and steamy but really blew past me with more power than I would have thought.

All the times out there I only went fishing two nights sitting out on the porch, a few perch/brim a couple of sacalait/white perch and a 3-4 pound bass, all thrown back.

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