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Super Bowl


Super Bowl winner 2014  

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  1. 1. Who is your pick to win the Super Bowl on Sunday?

    • Denver
    • Seattle
    • I don't care.....
    • Amy is "Top Notch"
    • I wish I had a pair of Jubilee's
    • I'm ready for the Pro Bowlers Tour to begin.....

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Well football fans, both college and pro alike, our annual "national nightmare period" has begun again. August is way off on the horizon.....


Y.A. Tittle (end of year photo) following title loss in 1964.....

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The broncos will not only take the game, it will be a slaughter.

10 hours, game time.

would you like to rephrase this? :P

No, i'll stand with everyone in Vegas, well almost everyone. that is why its called 'Game". I love an upset. I made money on the back side.

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Percy Harvin could be the X factor in the game. Don't believe me? Just ask any of those "talking heads" on ESPN. I think this game will be close. With the record breaking year that Peyton has had it's hard to pick against the guy.

Well, your first sentence was purely clairvoyant. The guy only played in 3 games this year and he pulls this?

Finally something that Gator fans can celebrate this year.


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