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Super Bowl


Super Bowl winner 2014  

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  1. 1. Who is your pick to win the Super Bowl on Sunday?

    • Denver
    • Seattle
    • I don't care.....
    • Amy is "Top Notch"
    • I wish I had a pair of Jubilee's
    • I'm ready for the Pro Bowlers Tour to begin.....

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Then again, Peyton keeps shouting Omaha, since that's were I live I should route for the Broncos. Even though Peyton is a great QB, for some reason I have never liked the Broncos.

I played for The Seahawks back in the early 90's so I am going to have to go with I wish I had Jubilees.

What you talkin about willis ?

94'-95' LaVista Seahawks get with the program Arnold.

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Long ago I worked in L.A. for a company headquartered in Boulder. This was the era of the Raiders and Elway/Broncos. Now I did not follow football at all. But, I still had to endure daily jibes from all the corporate execs about that rivalry. They'd call special just to grind the football axe and I could care less (which bothered them even more). Soured me on the Broncos big-time. Now I live in the Pac Northwest. All that said - I still think that the Broncos have the better team. No 12th man weighting either team in NY. I think the win belongs to Peyton and my old corporate nemesis - the Orange Crush - bleechhh!

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