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3 hours ago, JL Sargent said:



That was "The School of Hard Knocks." It prepared its alumni to build this country, including the Empire State Building.


In the 30 years we've lived in our neighborhood, the nearby park has gone from fun, but dangerous, to fun and safe.  Gone are tall metal slides that kids screamed down riding a sheet of waxed paper (can you still buy that without a prescription?), merry-go-rounds and other unprofessionally constructed wooden splinter machines, and, my favorite, the "swinging gate."  


Some genius decided to mount a wooden picket fence gate on a metal pole allowing it to swing 360 degrees.  Children could stand on a small platform and hold onto the spiked points of the pickets while a bully spun the gate ferociously causing them to fall into the circular ditch below the gate, the groove worn from years of kids running in circles.  If smart, the child remained prostrate in the ditch allowing the still swinging gate to pass over head.  Unfortunately, they almost always immediately stood up crying just in time for  the heavy gate to hit them in the back of the head knocking them senseless, thus preparing them for a career in the NFL.  The gate was painted red to camouflage the blood stains. Ah . . . the good old days.



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Happy Monday and start of another week for us worker bees. A very productive weekend. Trimmed and cut a lot of trees, as we have heavy brush pickup this week. My new favorite tool is a Stihl pole saw. Also, having a new roof put on the house and shop (little one in the back yard) starting tomorrow. Life is always happening.

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Monday morning dragging on for us that are toiling in the salt mines. Digging through records from 2014 concerning an elevator repair and the re-balancing that was done. Truck running as smooth as can be following the second set of wires and plugs hoping it improves the 14.3 mpg I was averaging. Yesterday record heat of 99 with heat index of 109 no end in sight.

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Heat is bad here too as well Mike.  Humidity was unreal this morning too.  Isn't this the last half of September?  Feels like the end of July.

This weekend, I started our bedroom remodel.  I didn't get much done but figured out I really don't like pocket doors.  You have to remove moldings to remove the doors and there are several methods of releasing rollers depending on what the builder put in.  After you have it out, it's obvious but it's really hard to see what style you have when their in place.  I then wanted to remove a sliding patio door that hooks to our bedroom but stopped after I saw all the nails they used.  My friend at work has a nail puller so I quit that project till I could borrow it from him.

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Afternoon all....

Yup another Monday rolling along....


Got stacks of brake jobs for the used car fools......I'm not complaing....


The one used car guy called me this morning (the P.I.A one) saying....." man I got all kinds of work for you...... I need this stiff done!!..... 


I'm like dude....it'll all be done by 3:00 relax:cool:...... he even gets the other used car guy (his brother) all worked up....


Such a Richard Cranium:P


MKP  :-)


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