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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Good morning everyone..............


You are welcome Marvel, and it was nice having you around RTM last night...   HA, the Grand M  effects still linger this morning :wacko: and I have a pretty busy day today, but lots of water and breakfast / coffee should get me going in the right direction!  


Billy, you are too funny, I was trying to read you last few posts in my foggy morning state of mind and I thought I was seeing things ;)


Enjoy yours..........we got RAIN falling, this is rare...........we are in extreme drought here in the NE.   I could not mow all of my lawn because it is straw and I could not even see my tracks, so I just did the green parts :lol: and I was done before I knew it!


Ok, time to start up the coffee and the day......................here I go !

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Just ran out of DD, barely enough for my 40 oz to get me going.  Time to run to the store and stock up.  2.5 day week coming up and then it's 4 days of golfing with some friends in Pa.  How about those young Buckeye's?  If they are really that good, and it will take a few more games to prove that out, could be another dynasty in the making. 

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Afternoon all..... and yea I slept till 12:30 :wacko:


It was a great evening.... lots of fun.... the neighbors friends loved the music.... clipped the Crown a few times:o... man it was pumping


Nobody got crazy or any problems..... The beer Olympics was a few years ago and I think they all have grown up a bit... A bunch of there guests had younger kids and didn't stay late at all.... 

Even the the young couple has grown up a bit.... they also have had a baby since the Beer Olympics.... and.... He got locked up last year.. He got a DWI last year.... got arrested right in his front yard...

At the end of the night we were over there house and they were telling one of there friends about my gear. So we came back over to play some music. I must say it's always funny when someone comes over and sees the Wall-O-Klipsch... This one young lady wanted to hear Marilyn Manson - Beautiful People..... Manson it was.... Chorus I's, Carver TFM-55 and three subs.... She asked if all the speakers were playing? My wife said no.... just these ones... pointing to the Chorus.... 

Couple other songs were played and we wrapped the night up with Nine Inch Nails.... The BOSS and I got to bed around 3:00


OK.... so nobody liked the Road Runner.... is the best looking car ever... NO.... I like rare unique things... and those things are gold dust... I guess if I had the coin to have one of those I would have other muscle cars. But I don't think I'll have that problem.... "the coin" lol lol

Back in the day I had a few old Buicks.... 65 & 67 Skylarks... really cool old cars... got the 65 when I lived in El Paso TX... saw it for sale on base.. it was a Major's car... he sold it to me for $800.... man I loved that car.... It was a full power model: power windows, cruise control, tilt wheel, power bench seat. came with a small 300cu in V-8. I found a 71 Buick 225 with a 455 cu in that I bought just for the engine... But like alot of things it didn't make in the Skylark.... Sold them all when I rolled out to Seattle.... oh well...


OK... I'm still dragging A$$.... check-in later my friends...


OH.... and no Tiki's caught on fire last night....


MKP :-)

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