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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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1 hour ago, Tarheel said:


Afternoon gang

Figures id choose the finish carpentry during a major swamping storm.

Beltsander scribing, in a new door for my false wall in the Rv.

Taking a break and the wife just got home replenishing my supply of Smokin Marys :emotion-46::emotion-21:


Lookin at this "Pie"....Then lookin again/thinkin, Nope, this is not me by a stretch.

Amp's / Speakers would chime in at about the same cost.

The rest is crap iv got a couple of ToTe's full of.

I pizz off a couple neighbors so much iv noticed, they wont even talk to me. it's ok though, the "Other" neighbors dont care for them either.





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Evening gang


Out of the Rv for the day.

No fear of messing up the Piano hinge(s) today, seem's the biggest one's home depot had are too small :o


Rain/wind gust to 45Mph, i felt the Rv rockin.

All of the snow melted in the last two days we will get back today, and then some.

No water shortage this year.





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22 hours ago, Marvel said:


Last house I was in, I installed a nice Vermont Castings stove in the dining/kitchen area. The only thing I didn't like about it was that the damper could pop OPEN, letting the fire burn full on. You would have thought they would make it work the opposite, so it would actually shut it down.


Anyway, I loved it! It got where I could have a load going in the morning, and leave as it was starting to burn down, close the damper and then still have enough coals to start it back up when I got home. Great stove.



It probably pops open as as opposed to closed as a safety device. Even though most of the better stoves are air tight, they can get too hot and leak. I would rather have a stove or insert, they just put out way more heat. 

11 hours ago, MORE KLIPSCH PLEASE said:

Morning all....

Gotta roll out, just checking real quick....

No tacos for us today.....Tuesday is the day we hook up with our friends, we will go to the Honey Pig....the Korean BBQ mmmmmmmm so good.


Ceptorman......I'll  get back to ya on the fire insert.....


Gotta roll...... Subaru radiator is waiting for me.....


MKP :-)

Anytime mark.....enjoy that Korean BBQ:D

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8 hours ago, minermark said:

Good Mid Morning gang


Great time to hit the Depot, Maint list was getting long.


One thing i did do was pick up a couple C0 detectors, these new one's have been out for about a year, the Tech has come a long way.

If you have NOT bought a C0 detector in the last year, then it's likely time.

Old units are really only good for maybe 5 years, new ones they say 10.

Your azz is worth $40 bucks.

Got one for the homestead and RV.

C0 is the Silent killer, with the fire dept we push them as much as smoke detectors these days.



Ok, done with the public service message:





Thanks for the reminder. I bought a few fire and CO alarms from Home Depot a few weeks ago. I checked the reviews on all of them when I got home (I usually check reviews first) and ALL the reviews were terrible, so I took them all back. I still need to replace them. Maybe I'll go to the Kidde site.

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6 hours ago, Tarheel said:

It was like a veil was lifted from the speakers:lol:

So you had covers over the speakers before the change, that was the problem all along silly ! :o

































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