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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Morning folks, just barely as I just now rolled out of bed. I appreciate the good thoughts for mom. Surgery was uneventful. Mom is in good hands as it seems the majority of folks at the hospital know her personally. She worked at our local hospital for 26 years before it closed and a lot of the younger staff moved up the road to the next town and landed at this one. Man is mom paranoid about someone touching her leg! I need to get a report from on duty sister about who survived the fight when the therapist went to do their job this morning.



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Afternoon gang


Dry and 68, dam strange weather.

Took the day off :emotion-21:

Napping/Coffee/Movies/Nibbling is the order of the day :emotion-21:


Bloody Mary "Smoky", Roast Beef/Swiss :emotion-46:

Wife out with the Sailor, massaging her Visa card im sure :wink:

VUDU time, been awile, maybe there are some new movies out.




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Evening gang


Up from last Nap and awake to a Quart of Haagen Daz / Half Gal of the Duggans :emotion-21:

Of course the wife has been out all day with her Visa.....Hummmm :ph34r2:


Cep's mom must be hangin in there, i see no word otherwise.


Foam Research on the list for the evening, another Rv compartment idea for stashing the campsite 12Ga.



Time to fire up a pot for the evening.

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