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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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8 minutes ago, richieb said:



--- 115 degrees? In May?  Are you still in NorCal? Man, that's some Hot!

And I bet that Biker would tickle sumptin' else should she stick 'em out the window -- 

That is what this temp thingy states.

And if you dont start givin likes, you aint gettin-em.


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Morning gang


Waiting for Coffee and predicted high today

Tuesday eh?

Outboard motor shopping up the hill

I dont know how you Boaters can afford $10k for a motor, but i guess it's like any other hobby.

Couple Honda 225 is where the farmer is leaning.

Scary thinking a farmer with 400+HP on our river(s).




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40 minutes ago, minermark said:

9 am and 77, i like that.


Truck clean, day up the hill, outboard motor time.

Farmer authorized $22K tops, iv been working a deal for $18K farmer should like that. 


Ya-All know what day it is.........




make sure to get some nachos with extra cheese


A botulism outbreak linked to contaminated nacho-cheese sauce sold at a Sacramento County gas station has killed one man and left at least nine other people hospitalized, health officials said Monday.

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11Am and 98 Degrees


Back from spending $18K on two Honda 225s....:o

Quick break and off to the farm, will NOT be installing them, im going to Reno.

Note: same as speaker(s) i give them the original invoice, i make nothing......but then again iv a boat anytime i want it without the cost......:emotion-21:



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