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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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After dinner, I love rendering the Christmas ham. It makes me feel like quite the orthopedic surgeon, as I disarticulate de head uv da femur, slicing thru da acetabular labrum near the lunate surface, dissecting da pubofemoral and ischiofemoral ligaments, and laying waste to da articular cartilage. Den da dogs gets da femoral head and de ilium\ischium acetabular segments. Aaaahhh good times, good times.

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7 minutes ago, Tarheel said:

You know for some reason we attract the brightest, most talented, best looking folks, with great taste over here on the CC&C thread! 

Merry Christmas to all!


If anyone fails to see the irony of me being the next post after this....well....  all I gotta say is Hope you & yours had a fantastic day and of course, a great upcoming year!



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1 minute ago, Jeff Matthews said:

Ah!  Drums, Christmas, work, free meal.  I thought it meant "drum gig."  I don't go through all the threads enough.  What do you do, and where do the drums come in?  

I'm in Healthcare. Drums are for a genre of music I like.   Gigs are with buddies that DJ.   I usually will bring my smaller PA to do parties of say 300 and under.   

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