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10 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

& I have never even sniffed a Pappy Van Winkle!

Got a Single barrel reserve open now. Nothing else has come up that I like here, so I'll be back into my stash in Feb. 

Got another VanWinkle just like it here in my bourbon closet.  May open one on Christmas. 

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Wet and 32 here.  Here we go!  Owner of the State Liquor store here just laffs at me about the good stuff.  So I saw this Ohio made bled called Whistlepig.  They released some new "Home-Field Hog Batch" Wednesday.  Guy here say they'd have it an hour away so I took a drive after I called and they confirmed they had 6. 


I get there and the girl at the register said they were out.  Yea, the rack was empty.  Some kid on the other register heard me so went to the back and brought out their 2nd and last case of 6.  Told me he was savin it for me but then told me I couldn't just buy the case there was a limit of one.  $75 for one and a two hour drive.  Sounds about right.  Welcome to Ohio!


Been thinkin about what I'm gonna do with it now.  Think I'll save it for the christening of the stripper pole in here.  Perfectly named too.  "Home-Field Hog Batch!"  Yea, Welcome to Ohio.   :)

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