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3 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

I'm just standin here looking at a front yard full of the neighbor's leaves here in Sherwood Forest.  City just sucked them up with their vac truck  F my life!   :)


 not to worry, if you get wind with the change... the rest of your neighbors will get to enjoy them along with you. And some might actually land under the tree/s they came from.



good to see you

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It's December. 

Folks "on vacation" everywhere instead of working... and amazon dot com is down this morning. The newest iteration of the isitup site says it isn't, but do a search with the last hour parameter set. Or just try to log in, tried a half hour ago last time.


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wife is going to a conference tomorrow and Fri.... taking her computer, so, I'll be off the air.

Gathered up what wood was in the yard. I have a few day [or nights] worth. I bet I have a fire all day Sat. High is sposed to be mid 50's... Argh.. winter has come.

the weather forecasters have conceded to calling 80` nice now.

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