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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Sounds like everyone is on a mission except me.  Turkey coma's, cranberry sauce, & Momma's new work room?  Added a new album cabinet and have been working on filling and alphabetizing all my new remaster LP's.  I'm totally outta space in here.  Stuff to hang but not sure how that's gonna work yet.  Been looking for a small 3 shelf stand for under my butcher block so I can add another turntable and move gear onto the shelves below.  Been looking for 3 years so guess I'm going to have to have one made and shell out the big bucks.  Maybe 60 today here in Sherwood Forest,  Leaves everywhere here in the hood so might take a ride and broom them up for everyone.  Some rain tomorrow and a warmer wkend maybe.  Think I'll take another break!  :)  

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17 hours ago, geezin' said:

My daily is Eight O'Clock Original Blend whole bean ground fresh and percolated. Sometimes I'll get some Italian Roast or 100% Columbian. Probably order 5 lbs. Coffee Bean Direct Peppermint Bark for winter.



I enjoy the Eight O'clock Columbian as well. What's your thoughts on the Italian roast ?




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I did with a little @dtel but added pecans, and two of those little Clementines to it all it need is to be encased in red jello and it would be perfect!


Today was NOT perfect, a power surge went through here and took out some important stuff. Smelled hot wires and called the power company. My dehumidifier that keeps it under 90% so I'm not like Aqualung bit it, the microwave is dead too. The internet modems that were on a separate surge protector with a foot of cord.. you know the kind. My pc and onhub wifi are on my UPS so they're safe but there wasn't internet until after dark. Power company came out first and fixed something that a squirrel had chewed on at the top of the telephone pole 100 feet at the back of the yard. Internet provider had to go to the same pole to fix things that were messed up so I've got my fingers crossed that the intermittent connectivity problems are gone now.

$$ flies sometimes, and mine is flying away now. put my tea in a glass and being 50 outside I wanted it hot.... but no clock lit up on the wave, drat it will take days to get used to this.

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23 minutes ago, DizRotus said:


Say it ain’t so Otis.  


An article in The Detroit Free Press about the 60th anniversary of the Temptations included the attached photo.



The Temptations were great , the R2R is beautiful ..


.....but what´s that ? Bose.jpg.5f1f3cecc50acd5385dde3cd2d55c43b.jpg    BOSE 801 ?   😂



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Let's see how this works out.  Yesterday I pulled the speakers out into the room further so they rested on the area rug instead of hardwood.  A bit closer together too.  Warmed up the tubes and put a well recorded Norah Jones CD.  Sounded darn good!

So putting my giant size brain to work I deduced that I needed a larger rug.  Got on line and ordered a 10'x13' for my smallish music room (14.2'X13.1'). 

So now I'll have to hire some strong backs to lift the stereo cabinet and slide the rug under it. The rug and drapes are my only concession to room treatments.

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21 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

Added a new album cabinet and have been working on filling and alphabetizing all my new remaster LP's.  I'm totally outta space in here. 





.......Think I'll take another break!




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