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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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On 12/2/2021 at 6:03 PM, JohnJ said:

I did with a little @dtel but added pecans, and two of those little Clementines to it all it need is to be encased in red jello and it would be perfect!


Today was NOT perfect, a power surge went through here and took out some important stuff. Smelled hot wires and called the power company. My dehumidifier that keeps it under 90% so I'm not like Aqualung bit it, the microwave is dead too. The internet modems that were on a separate surge protector with a foot of cord.. you know the kind. My pc and onhub wifi are on my UPS so they're safe but there wasn't internet until after dark. Power company came out first and fixed something that a squirrel had chewed on at the top of the telephone pole 100 feet at the back of the yard. Internet provider had to go to the same pole to fix things that were messed up so I've got my fingers crossed that the intermittent connectivity problems are gone now.

$$ flies sometimes, and mine is flying away now. put my tea in a glass and being 50 outside I wanted it hot.... but no clock lit up on the wave, drat it will take days to get used to this.


Back in the 1990s, I had a house in Etobicoke (the “ke” on the end is silent), an old West-side suburb of Toronto. Sometimes there would be intermittent problems with the landline (at that time, I had no mobile phone and had a DOS computer, so no Internet) phone.  The problem turned out to be the phone junction box (a large green box near the curb that carried the phone signal for a few street’s worth of houses) one street over.  It had two swing doors, like a cabinet, and the tech had either forgotten to lock the doors or forgotten to close them at all the last time the box was accessed.  It had rained, which got most of the circuits wet, with predictable results.


That was dumb enough, but even dumber was that it happened at least one more time during the six years that I lived there.  Small things can have big results, like the time an old lady in Georgia cut off the Internet service to Armenia.  She was scavenging/stealing copper wire to sell, and found a buried cable.  From the outside, I’m guessing that copper and fibre optic cables look about the same, so it’s probably an easy thing to mistake one for the other.


Long story short, the Internet lines for nearly all of Armenia ran through this one cable in Georgia (not the Georgia just north of Florida), so a few blows with a shovel cut out most of Armenia’s Internet service.  If I seem unsympathetic towards an old lady who has to dig for copper cables to feed herself, it's because of what the metal thieves around here have done.  Sunday School bus?  Catalytic converter cut off and stolen twice.  The thief was caught on his 3rd attempt.  That platinum is valuable.  


Those cat converters seem to be a popular target for thieves.  They use a battery-powered disc cutter to saw through the exhaust pipe and can be done and gone in five minutes.  The small buses and big passenger vans used by many charities are prime targets, because they have lots of ground clearance, thus lots of room to access the exhaust pipes in a parking lot.  The smallest charities often have only one bus or van, which is often parked outside, since there’s no fenced-in and locked parking lot.


What else?  To remember a loved one, you can pay for a sturdy park bench overlooking the sea, complete with brass plaque telling who's being remembered.  Thieves took every plaque from a whole row of benches, and headstones have been hit, too.






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23 hours ago, JohnJ said:

I can almost smell that @MicroMara!


Took me a while yesterday but I found the source of the hot wire odor. A TrippLite ISOBAR4ULTRA that I have four of for important stuff like the coffee pot, or the phone charger, and tv & roku.

Got replacement stuff coming in, it was ebay this time that was the bargain for the appliances. Although I won't replace the wave, it's not mine. Power company and the isp did their jobs and rectified the issue and replaced gear too. Filled out the form at TrippLite this morning, geeze those things are $70 now. They're worth it, but I'm glad I don't have to buy that too!

John , the Isobar should have a 350,000$  lifetime warranty on plugged in equipment , call TRIPP-LITE and make a claim , they will pay to ship back the unit to check it for surge damages , and they will send you a new one ,  for FREE -------once they verify that the ISOBAR allowed a surge to  damage your equipment , they will pay you all the damages that you declare  at full value of replacement -- there are no if's  , maybe's or but's , the TRIPP-LITE warranty covers it  , Lifetime  -

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1 hour ago, JohnJ said:

Believe me I did yesterday morning Randy, it stinks like burning wires but it's still here if they need a picture of the serial number I put in the form. Yep they have good warranties.

You can do the process online or by phone , phone is best , they will open a file with you right away over the phone  -




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On 12/3/2021 at 5:45 PM, JohnJ said:

I can almost smell that @MicroMara!

These also ?  MicroMara´s Bakery ...


on the 2nd advent i always bake vanilla kipferl. The recipe comes from my great-grandmother and was passed down from generation to generation. It consists only of flour, sugar, butter, ground hazelnuts and vanilla sugar.So that the flavors combine the fresh vanilla kipferl were packed directly after baking in airtight boxes,  they must store for 2 weeks.










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it is 5.30 pm and my gang is hungry again ..so I am cooking a turkey goulash....




It is flavored with onion, paprika, garlic, chili, cumin, salt, mustard and tomatoes. The whole thing is cooked in strained tomato sauce, in addition there is long-grain pointed rice.




bon appétit

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Ok you two just quit!!!  I'm watchin the men ball, warmin the tubes and NOW hungry!  It's between unopened bags of


Ballreich's Marcelled Potato Chips, 16 oz.




CHEETOS® Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeño Cheese Flavored Snacks


Jalepeno it is!!


Would rather have the goulash!  :)


Followed by Smashed Pecan Brownies & Coffee!




:)  :)  :) 


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