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Mornin' all


I've been putting up lights for5 or 6 years.... this year, I am getting folks driving by, to look. The recluse in me is learning to be more hospitable toward them.... trying to not give the "What you looking at?" impression. There is generally no traffic down our street, unless they are coming here...


waiting for a firewood delivery and hoping it shows very soon. I've buggered a nerve in my arm and rendered it useless. I can't really go out and cut w/o making it worse... Kinda restricted to light puttering.

 No Christmas tree, yet.  Think it's gonna be an artificial this year. Wire frame with garland and lights.  The tree I normally prune for cuttings to make my tree came up short this year. We got a green garland around the doorway. Bring some evergreen smell in the house.

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You think the vehicle manufactures can hit this goal?




I'm seriously thinking of purchasing a new 2022 vehicle......Hmmmmm.

I don't have to buy anything...



the new standards will prevent 3.1 billion tons of planet-warming CO2 emissions from being pumped into the atmosphere, reduce US gasoline consumption by 360 billion gallons and save US consumers money at the pump.


I kinda doubt the consumer will ever see a savings...

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On 12/21/2021 at 5:38 PM, oldtimer said:

There must be bigger turn offs than overly large fake boobs, but they still rank highly in that realm.  It's not just the plastic, it's the psychology behind the perceived need.  It is a fact that leg men are more intelligent, and interesting that there is not much the plastic artists can do about it.

Brian just remember someone paid for that... she didn't. 


Some girls sit on a millions... the others get loose change..

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7 hours ago, richieb said:

The real question - how much time will I have with the future now before I’m subjected to “the future”? There’s a lot riding on this - 

one's still under warranty... the other was rode hard and put away wet...one to many times.. well after its shelf life..

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21 hours ago, Invidiosulus said:


I did it more than once.

They are kinda hard to play with the lights on em though.

I need to do this again with one of the strats.



this years Christmas tree trip.





Am I seeing Twin Girls in the Picture ?

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